10 Fitness Tips for Busy Moms!


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I went from couch potato to fitness nerd within a matter of months. It took a lot of research, planning and time management. When you are a busy mom, fitness often gets over looked! But if you want to be the best mom that you can be to your kids, and the best wife you can be to your husband, its time to start taking care of yourself, for your metal health right now, and your physical health in the future. As women we tend to wear a lot of hats! We often feel like we are a chicken running around with its head cut off. I comprised this list of tips to help other mom’s fit their work out into their busy schedule. I started my fitness journey with a new born, and a business to help run. I had to make time, so that I could be a healthier happier me. I wanted to avoid a bigger bulge and the onset of depression.

So enjoy and good luck mommas