10 Ways to a Better YOU

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The amazing thing about  life is that your attitude can make all of the change in the world. Life will always throw curve balls at you. If you have not received a curve ball yet, this will still apply to you because honey… it’s coming! Curve balls are a part of life. The Lord gave us free will to learn and to grow from. When there is Free Will in a broken world, you have pain, suffering, loss, and confusion. How you react to those challenges is everything! You can decide in the moment that you are going to get up, get going and brush your shoulders off. In the face of adversity you can sit and wallow or you can pick up the broken pieces and put them back together again.

I have something very painful to share with you… I have struggled on and off with Depression and Anxiety for almost 2 years of my life. No matter how hard I tried, I just didn’t feel like myself. It became so bad and my attitude was so bad I contemplated taking my own life. Again this is not something I am proud of. In fact it is so painful to share with you. But I share it because you my friend can come back from anything! I struggled with Depression and Anxiety, I lost my Step Father, and two babies in late term pregnancy. I let those losses and that condition swallow me up. I was rendered useless, Until one day I decided that I wasn’t going to let those painful things stop me. The people that I lost … they wouldn’t want me to suffer the way I was!

I put a plan into place through the suffering. I figured if I  just got up and did these things each day, I would eventually start to heal. First thing was first though… my health. I could not tackle life the way I wanted if I was clinically Depressed and anxious. I was so low and anxious I was to afraid to leave my couch and face anyone. Going someone happy and joyous was just a reminder of how bad I felt. So off to my Natural Doc and to my Psychiatrist. I committed to a mission to get my diet right, remove the things that could plague me, and all the wile I began taking medication. Once I got that sorted out and started to feel like me again, I was ready to tackle life and move past the pain.

Every day looked like this and it helped me to become HAPPY AND STRONG AGAIN.

1. Wake up at the same time every day. Give yourself an hour before anyone else is up to read from a personal Development book! I suggest to start with 50 Ways to Yay by Alexi Panos!

2. make your beds! Really this little habit goes a long way for mental clarity.

3. Make plans for your day, no matter how painful that seems. Fake it until you make it. Get out there and do things. You may feel terrible doing it, but if you are on a mission to get better, hiding with the pain is far worse that approaching it head on.

4. Eat a diet rich in HEALTHY OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS, and greens. Protein is also important so don’t skimp on that.

5. Take a supplement of Fish Oil! Go for higher DHA and EPA!! This helps with  mental health and over all energy.

6. Commit to taking 1 walk a day.

7. WORKOUT and take a COLD Shower! Trust me… you’ll feel amazing.

8. Drink plenty of water

9. Reach out to one person a day to tell them that you love them, and if you don’t have anyone get plugged into a support group on Facebook! You can meet some great people there. Just look for common interests!

10. Here is the hardest and the one I struggled with the most. Get dressed, and put on makeup every single day. Dress the way you wish you felt or the way you want to feel.

and bonus: Find a success partner!! Someone you can count on, someone who is on a mission just like you to rock at life!!

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Thats it for me folks!! Until next time!!