My World Happenings!

10645080_10204928264907837_5421158819586123406_nI’ve spent way to much of my life wishing. Wanting more. Dreaming of the impossible. Once I got into the position where I felt strong enough to take action… I did, and now I am action and goal oriented.

I have less than 3 months to secure my team at the #4 spot out of 200,000 plus coaches for 2014.

I have less than 3 months to set the tone for my teams success in 2015.

I have less than 3 months to pack on some serious muscle before I start prepping for my Bikini Competition season. This means, I gotta be a beast in that weight room EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I have a short window of opportunity to bring my A game. I have to be on point and bring all that I have to my business, to my gym, and to my home to make it all work for the best. I could sit here and wish for a win at my NPC competition next year. I could sit here and wish my team to stay #4 in Beachbody. I could sit here and wish to be in the top 10 again next year… or

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meand sunshine



This is a puffy face. This is a red face. These are swollen eyes. Yep I have been crying…

I had heart palpitations when I decided to share this. I was extremely nervous. I know that so many people have trouble believing that success can happen with a home business… but you’re looking at a Mom from Grand Rapids Michigan who has made it happen. I am a stay at home Mom who just had big dreams to set her family up for a future of financial freedom, but more importantly I am a Mom who had visions and a dream of helping other women experience health and vitality through Beachbody! I am a Mom who had dreams of helping other stay at home Moms create purpose outside of the home (although the purpose in home is amazing too) and bring fincancial freedom their families.

Today my husband received an alert from PNC for my direct deposit. He ran into my office and put the phone in my face and said “I thought you would want to see this Anita.” The look on his face was worth more than the money in my account today. He had a look of completely awe, comfort, and ease. Thats right…. he had a look of freedom. Last year there was a totally different look on our faces. A look of worry, stress, and well dedication to making that stop lol!

This is the most Ive ever earned in a week. In some years in my life, this is what I earned annually. I have spent most of my adult life worried about finances and that feeling just simply SUCKS.

Praise be to God. Thank you Lord Jesus. This 2 year journey of dedication, consistency, and hard work is paying off and it is all thanks to you! I prayed every day for financial freedom.

2 years! I am still a new coach! Nope I did not start or sign up when the company got off the ground. Nope I have not been around for years and years. Anyone can do this. It is completely possible for all coaches if they just stay consistent and and keep their dreams and reasons right in front of them daily.

Who’s with me!?