Our lives are short. But if we live our lives the right way, we only need one short life.

We can learn so much from our children! My Scarlett has this ability to not take herself to serious! I am sure you have seen the same thing in your tots! She has this ability to make everyone fall in love with her, she passes zero judgement on anyone, and has very little fear when it comes to what she wants or what other people think about her. As we played, explored, and snuggled this weekend I could see that she just doesn’t take herself to serious! She laughs off all of her little mistakes, bruises, bumps, hiccups and falls. She gets back up, learns from what she just did, and goes back after what she wants. She shows absolutely no embarrassment when these things happen. She has this ability to live right in the moment and show absolute bliss at all of the small things that we as adults take for granted. Just like this photo below. Eric wanted me to come out to play in the leaves with Scarlett, but instead I chose to clean, and work. As I saw her extreme joy in the photos I was immediately bummed that I didn’t join them. She looked as if she was having the time of her life and I missed that moment. Some old dusty leaves were her bliss, and all I saw was old dusty leaves.

If we as adults could all go out into the world and not take ourselves so serious, we would all do some incredible things! There wouldn’t be this fear of failure, this fear of success, this fear of what other people might think of us or what we are doing. We would be quicker to forgive and forget (just like out children do). I have found in my adult life that I am the only one who cares so much about what I do and look like while doing it. Most people don’t care as much as we think that they do. If we could all leave our pre judgements and fears at home, I believe this world would be a happier place! We would have more fun! We would learn more. We would be opened to so many more experiences and incredible discoveries in our lives. We would let incredible people in our lives that we would have normally judged right out of our world. Our kiddos have this awesome ability to forgive people and see the good in everyone. We would be so much happier if we lived this way.

Our lives are short. But if we live our lives the right way, we only need one short life. If we could all live in the moment, with complete gratitude and get over ourselves we could really live a kick ass life here on earth. The life that God intended for us to live.