Why Do I love 30 Minute Workouts?

“You’re in Shaun T’s carnival now”

Why do you crack me up so much dude?! But he is right! This workout is becoming my absolute favorite Beachbody program by far!” I am not just saying that! I love all of the programs but this one… perfect! I am seeing amazing results, I am pushed to my limits and I am loving 30 minutes on the clock!!!

when I am drenched in sweat, on my knees panting, I can look up at the clock and know that I have just 15 seconds left of that round. I know that I can get up and go for another 15 seconds, so I do. As I do this more and more, my body improves, I lose body fat, I gain muscle, I become stronger, faster, and healthier! I also know at the 20 minute mark, I have 10 minutes left and I know that I can push for another 10 minutes! So I push beyond my threshold and comfort zone, and bam! My body changes again!

Amazing! If you aren’t in my test group yet, I am not quit sure why??!!