My Monday Mornings!


Monday mornings used to be a giant source of stress for me. After a weekend of doing what filled my soul, spending more time with my family, and doing things the way I want to to do them I would have to get up, throw on a smile, get my hair ready, put on my little suit and my heels. I would run around grabbing my food, coffee, books, computer, get my kiddo ready for the day, and run out the door to help someone else’s business and some else’s dreams come true. I felt un fulfilled in my job. I felt un appreciated. I felt under paid. I felt like I was not filling my soul. I felt like there was a giant puzzle piece missing and I was living on edge trying to figure out what that puzzle piece was. Something deep down in my soul told me that I deserved better. That I had one life on this planet and that I deserved to live it doing something that filled my soul, and worked for my family.Beachbody coaching fell into my lap right after I had my daughter. It took me a year to build it so that I could come home from that job I described above. As a coach I do what fills my soul. I am available to my family 24/7 (my family comes first), I support my family on my income as a coach, I am building wealth, and I get to change lives every day from that seat you see my comfortably propped up in there. I work in my yoga pants, a comfy tank top, with my feet up, and no boss to tell me what to do. I work for myself. I am my own boss, and if I want to work in front of a fire place in my pjs I get to! Just so you know my daughter is snuggled up next to me on the couch watching her cartoons and reading books. This is how I live my life and I would not change it. I would not do it any other way.Freedom from a boss. Freedom from the Monday hustle and stress. Freedom from not being appreciated enough for my hard work. Freedom from being strapped to a desk. Freedom to be available 24/7 to my most important people. Today I am epically grateful for what I do.

I really have to ask myself why more people don’t do this!? Its so much fun. Sure its hard work, but anything that is worth it is hard work. to join my upcoming Beachbody Coaching internship. You can learn how to help others get fit and healthy, get fit and healthy yourself, and make a full time income from home if you stay consistent!