It is official! The Miron’s have booked their plane ticket and we are moving to Austin Texas on March 17th! Eric will be driving our moving truck down on March 12th, and we will follow him on the 17th. We will be renting a beautiful home in North Austin with great schools and stones throw from a big park with a pool smile emoticon. We are giving Austin 1 trial year, and if we are not set on staying, we will try somewhere else, but I have a feeling this is going to be our forever home. It meets all of the criteria we have been looking for in a city!
1. Mild weather in the winter and spring. This Florida girl is okay with hot hot hot summers.
2. Very Very low crime rate. In fact Austin is one of the top places in the USA to raise a family. I believe it was rated #2.
3. A great place for my Mom to adapt to from living in Florida for 20 plus years, but gives her a new city to explore and start new!
4. The culture matches Eric and my personality beautifully. Amazing food, live music, live comedy, amazing art, great craft beer gardens (Eric has a dream of way day opening a brewery/bar/restaurant). And my fave food is… BBQ and Tex Mex… um hellooooo?!!
5. Austin is the Fittest city in the USA… and for a @fit_happy_mom this feeds my fitness fun soul! With trails everywhere, cross fit ware houses, paddle boarding, creative group fitness classes, AMAZING YOGA EVERYWHERE, and of course I can do my Beachbody programs in my big beautiful back yard year round.
6. Lastly we met some incredible people down there on our trip so we know the people are great for the most part lol
8. Eric and I can work our business from anywhere in the world. Why not warmth?
With all of that being said, nothing replaces the people you love. We have so many people in Grand Rapids that we have grown attached to and love dearly. Eric’s family is here, most of my leaders on my team are here, my upline sponsor is here! You cannot replace those people and we will never try. This is why Texas is a trial period and we fully intend on traveling back to Grand Rapids every 4-6 months for Super Saturdays, coach outings, time with our family, holidays.
My Grand Rapids people will probably see us more than normal smile emoticon. We are going to miss everyone so much and that makes this move so bitter sweet. I got very teary eyed when we signed our lease and purchased out tickets, “Babe it brings a lot of pain to my heart to say good bye to the people we have created relationships with here”.
We will be back and we will force all of you Grand Rapids people to spend time with us!! And now you all have a vacation spot in Austin Texas <333
Why does the photo say Thank you Beachbody below??? Freedom. Eric and I have complete and total freedom to go and do anything we want with our little family. We have the freedom after nearly 3 years in this business to just drop what we are doing in our
lives and be spontaneous.
We have no boss
we have no work schedule.
That was not the case in 2013 and the beginning of 2014.
I will not dive into what sort of income we are making at this point (God is so good, and we are blessed beyond explanation) AND its far more than we need!! We don’t need expensive things, we however need the ability to do what we are passionate about year around and that is to be out doors doing stuff as a family. We worked so hard to build our epic Beachbody team now it is time to enjoy more of the freedom we created.
Eric and I thrive on being OUTSIDE and the winter months here totally got to us. For 5 months out of the year, this Florida girl was cooped up and started to experience SAD! My little girl would beg to go out side and play, and I would shutter at the idea for 5 months out of the year. Eric had no problem, but he to is an out doors guys and loves the warmth.
This move isn’t going to be cheap and we will pay more way more in rent down there than we do here, but this is the gift we are giving to ourselves. To live somewhere warm all year. This is the freedom we worked so hard for. This is another item on our dream board we get to experience. This is what designing your life is all about.
‪#‎empirecoaches‬ thank you!