Casey Walker’s Incredible Fitness Journey!

Casey Walker came into my inbox and totally touched my heart.

From the hospital bed getting IVIG treatments because of nerve pain that radiated into his rib cage and back,muscle spasms and leg weakness! He was perfectly miserable! His kids were sad, his wife was working overtime and I felt defeated!
He had enough of his body attacking itself! He had suffered the loss of jobs as a pastor and a hospice chaplain due to illness! He suffered for 5-6 years being in and out of the hospital and he had enough!

Sitting watching ShaunT infomercials for T25 he was ready for a change! He needed to get my life back! Going back and forth from the hospital, medications and just sitting around suffering was not working. There had to be a better way. Beachbody was the key that unlocked the door towards that better way!
He has done T25, P90x3, Insanity, Body Beast, and Max 30! Combined with Shakeology his life has changed! His passion now is to inspire HOPE for others! He is now a finalist for the $100,000 prize for the Beachbody Challenge. It was not his plan but he was selected as a finalist!!
So pumped for you Casey! Thank you for reaching out to me when you did. You have made my day, week, my Month!! Great job dude!!
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Watch his story above!!


I to have had a similar transformation and that is why I feel such a connection with Casey!!


If you are at all interested in taking the Beachbody Challenge Please email : for details!