Get on Track after JULY 4th!



Remember that incredibly impressive message about staying on track through the holiday? Yeaaaaaa about that! Whoops!

Not only did I not stay on track, I fell off, rolled around in the dirt and laid in the mud!!

1. I ate all the foods
2. I ate all the dessert
3. I have all the bloatings and exhaustion

4. I did have a ton of fun with my top coaches from my team in Grand Rapids!






My reason for not staying on track… I’m human! Some times great intentions and hopes are not enough! Even a solid game plan can fall through.

Here is the key… Getting back on track today! It’s a new week! It’s Monday and I have dresses I intend on rocking in 10 days! Time to get to work!!



Water. 21 Day Fix Meal Plan. Double workouts. Let’s go!


meal plan


Here is the back on track meal plan that I will be following TO A T until my up coming event in Nashville for Beachbody Summit! I will be presenting on stage in from of 4,500 plus people and being recognized for being a TOP 10, 15 Star Diamond Coach on stage in front of 25,000 PEOPLE!! I must must get back on track!!







If you are serious about getting back on track after the holiday or in general apply below to join my upcoming Summer Slim Down support group!! We will get started in just a couple of weeks. Email if you have questions for me!