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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Do It Now. You Deserve Healthy!

You do! You so deserve this body. I am not talking about the curves, the muscles, the breasts, the legs, I am talkingView full post »

Motivational Monday- Food Addiction

Alright its Motivational Monday. Watch this and please enjoy my sexy moves. Getting addicted to how food makes you feelView full post »

Fathers Day Clean Protein Pumpkin Pancakes!

Happy Fathers Day Blog fans!! I woke up early to whip these up for my husband for Fathers day. He loved every singleView full post »

Bikini Bootcamp Baby!

Are you Bikini Ready? If not, its time to join the Bikini Bootcamp! Its definately not to late to feel confident andView full post »

Breast Feeding and Weightloss update

If you are a breast feeding mom and you want to try this for your weight loss I am offering a $10 rebate if you tell meView full post »

Clean Parmeson Turkey Meatballs

You know me, I am all about easy in the kitchen. Crock pots, and pre cooked meals are my best friend. Combine that withView full post »

My Team is on Fire!

My team is growing and I could not be more thrilled with the type of women I get to work with on a daily basis! BelowView full post »

Easy Breasy Kitchen Peasy

You’re busy right? You have a family to take care of, a full time job, a full time hobby, a part timeView full post »

Motivational Monday- I don’t have time to workout

Wahhhhh, Yes you do, and here is why…   Listen up, I may offend, but this is real talk ladies!View full post »

Pumpkin Protein Bars

Okay, when I first made these delicious treats I thought to myself, there is no FREAKING way these are good for you.View full post »

Clean Shrimp Tacos

375 Calories of summery goodness!!! I whipped these up for my family last night and it was amazing! This willView full post »

Confidence is Sexy

Being a Fitness instructor, I am placed in a world full of “whats perfect and whats not perfect.” I talk toView full post »

How I went from Couch to 5K

message me for help on your fitness journey. Below is a video of my fitness journey! I lost 60 lbs, and became aView full post »

One of My Turbo Kick Classes!

I absolutely love love love teaching my Turbo Kick classes. The energy, the music, and the amount of calories burned&#View full post »

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