Monthly Archives: February 2015

When are you perfect ENOUGH?

  People Don’t look like this on accident… at least I didn’t. When will you find your perfect? Sometimes being happy right where you are is perfect. So before I make this photo my profile picture, I want to be real honest with all of you… I owe you all an explanation. You all probably […]

A girl just looking for her balance.

You have all watched me lose 70 lbs! Whats next? No you don’t keep losing. No you don’t diet forever. Now the hard part begins… balance. I surpassed my goal weight. Now to maintain my weight, while LIVING a balanced lifestyle. This is me trying to find my peace somewhere in the middle of it […]

Baby Sushi! Yum and Easy !

Check this out!! Baby Sushi! Scarlett just loved this treat and it is so easy to make!! Just cut a banana cover the sides in Peanut butter or Nutella (Scarlett calls it black peanut butter haha) and roll in rice crisps! Yummy, Healthy and Fun! Check out for more of my fun recipes!