Going for my dreams with Team Beachbody!

I just heard myself announced as a 5 Star Diamond Coach on The Beachbody National Wake Up Call, and I cried. Its not real until you hear corporate say it live. 1 year ago I was a SINGLE DIAMOND, and I would listen to that call and self doubt myself. I would tell myself that there was no way I would ever hear myself announced as a multiple star Diamond. Finally something hit me upside the head and I decided… WHY THE HECK NOT ME!??! THEY PUT THEIR PANTS ON THE SAME WAY… FORGET IT, IM GOING FOR IT! 365 days later- 7 Star Qualifying… and all it took was a change of attitude, and level of drive. 10151987_321522141329649_4252833955992810594_nThere are some days that I get so wrapped up in the “HOW” I am going to do things. “How” I am going to help more people. “How” I am going to bring my business forward. The “HOW” is great and all but you cannot be clear and focused in your intentions when you are not clear and focused on the “WHY” So I stopped myself during my feverish working this morning to check in with my “WHY”. To remind myself why I get up every single day and stay committed. This card below made my weekend. It brought me to tears this morning as I listened to the National wake up call. Those little signatures may not mean much to you guys, or to the people that signed them. But to me it means everything. As coaches we work alone at home, on our computers. And we get a little feed back here and there from our challengers and coaches. To see real signatures and real hand writing, and to see the effort my coaches took to recognize their leader… I AM FLABBERGASTED. unnamedDuring Beachbody Summit last year I made a big goal to go for 5 Star Diamond and Elite in 2014. I never dreamed that I would have crushed that goal and achieved 7 Star Qualifying by now (like I said, I doubted I would even hit 5 Star every). Elite was a scary goal for me, because I had an idea of HOW to get there. So I just decided that I would stop putting all of my focus in the how and put all my focus in the “WHY”. BAM …. Currently ranked #10 in the company out of 165,000 coaches !?! MIND BLOWN, and it honestly has not sunk it. That #10 may not be mine next month, or it might. All I know is I am clearly focusing on helping others, and how to keep my WHY RIGHT IN MY FACE AT ALL TIMES. 10177523_10203549864048677_5302298570733123350_n-1 I am not an Elite Top 10 Coach YET, but I am so grateful that my team is supporting me on my journey and recognizes each and every accomplishment made so far! I love The Inspire Empire! I promise to never let you guys down! 1965043_10203202219237774_2126436052_n   If you are intersted in becoming a Team Beachbody Coach, and you would like to work with the best dang team in the network email me! anitacmiron@gmail.com