A Complete Test list for Holistic Approaching CURING Depression.

So many of you have asked me about Anxiety and Depression and what tests I have done to treat the cause of the symptoms rather than just bandage the symptoms! When I knew I was struggling with Depression and Anxiety again and my sleep was disrupted, I knew that something was wrong in my body. I was not sure what, but my body was out of balance. At first I thought I’d get away with just taking medication and just move on with my life. When my medication stopped working for me, thats when my red flags went up and I knew I had to begin fighting for my health and well being because I could not live the way I was feeling forever.

So I set out on a journey to better my health. For someone who works out every day, eats clean for the most part, it was shocking to me that I was so unhealthy. Something was wrong and I was determined to find out what it is. I linked arms with my wonderful Holistic Doctor and we began the journey of testing to uncover my root cause. So many people think that Depression is a disease! No its a sign, and symptom, a signal that something is not firing off right in your body.

So here is what we tested. Please feel free to ask me what each of these test do in case you are not understanding.

1. 24 Hour Cortisol test for Adrenal Fatigue. (I came back showing normal Cortisol levels)

2. 23andmetest.com for genetic mutations and variations that need to be supported through supplementation. (I have the variants MTHFR677. I am also a rapid metabolizer of medications)

3. Heavy metals toxicity test. (I cannot do this under after I have the baby.

4. Hair test to show vitamins and minerals. (I was very low in VIT D)

5. Food intolerance test. (intolerant of eggs and gluten)

6. The OATS test (this is a urine test that checks to see if you have low serotonin, norepinephrine, magnesium, Folate… and so on. ).
(waiting on results)

7. The stool test for parasites and bacteria.
(waiting on results)

6. Urine test for Molds in your body. .
(waiting on results)

7. TPO score to see if you have Hashimotos (antibodies being created to destroy thyroid. Your body should not be creating these antibodies. It is a sign that something is off in your gut.
(I tested positive for Hashimotos with a 800 score for TPO)

8. Levels of omega 3 and 6 in your body.
(waiting on results)

9. Candida and yeast test.
Tested Negative but showed that I have had it before and treated it (Thank you clean eating detox and Shakeology!)

10. The Lyme Disease test done through Igenix
(waiting on results)

11. The CD57 test to check for levels of toxicity in your body. (I tested with a low score for this which led me to the Lymes test and the Barr Epstein test.

12. The Barr Epstein test and the co infections test.
(waiting on results)

13. TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 tests for thyroids. Don’t just have your Doctor test TSH! (NOT optimal T3 levels. Not optimal TSH)

I know this is a lot and I am def not an expert, but I can tell you that there is a lot that can be uncovered from these tests, and if you are able to treat these issues, you may just treat the symptom of anxiety and Depression. I suggest grabbing the book The Ultra Mind Solution!! It has helped me to figure out what tests I needed to ask for and where I needed to start researching for treatment options. I am still on my mission as I am not symptom free! I hope this helps someone along the way work with a Holistic Doctor to run these tests and to see what the root cause may be!

Today I start FOLATE treatment with a medication called Enlyte as I tested for the MTHFR genetic variation. Enlyte has shown a 42% remission in test studies for Depression, Insomnia and anxiety!! So I am excited to have finally try this! Thanks to my Holistic doc… we are getting somewhere and my hopes are that I never deal with depression and anxiety ever again!

Good luck everyone
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