A Trip of Life Time!

tjankstoToday will be the 1 week mark since leaving Orlando Florida. I took some time to really soak in some of the photos from our trip. When you are running around, going from point A to point B, you often forget to stop, take in, and appreciate the moment. I looked back through these photos today and I got seriously choked up. The last 30 days of our lives were seriously MAGIC, and we didn’t really stop and let that sink in while it was happening. Some big dreams came to fruition for our family. 


1. Scarlett got to meet Mickey Mouse, and for those of you who know Scarlett knows how big of a deal that is.

2. Eric and I finally got a real honeymoon that we have always dreamt of. The first one was a quick trip up north and it rained for most of the time and we ended up coming home early, the second effort I was pregnant and uncomfortable and Eric had to work on the trip (shooting a wedding while on the cruise), we thought the Beachbody Cruise would be one, but it ended up being more business than anything else! We spent all of our time with other coaches. So… FINALLY WE HAD 4-5 SOLID DAYS OF ALONE TIME, and just spent time focusing on US in Puerto Rico! It was much needed and deserved.
Dream Big
(Yep we kissed under a water fall, and hiked the rain forest… totally awesome)

3. I finally got my LV handbag and trust me, its still so special to me, and I carry it everywhere.

4. We had a family reunion and got to see my Grandmother from Taipei Taiwan Via Skype as a Family.

I could go on and on really. I will forever remember this trip as well MAGIC.
I have to share something with you… 18 months ago Eric and I struggled to pay our bills. No joke. We would have to make one bill late to make another bill on time, and it was a cycle. I had to put all of my student loans on hold. There were months when I would panic because there just wasn’t enough in our account to cover an upcoming bill. This trip that you see a snap shot of below… was paid for with one weeks income and a bonus I received for the rank that I am. 1 week paid for this. I really do not post all of this to brag, but to show you what is possible when you just dream and you get busy going for what you want in life. Eric and I have taken some seriously giant leaps of faith. Leaps of faith the average person would not feel comfortable taking. Wow am I ever glad I have this incredible partner who believes in me and trusted enough in me to take this leap right along with me.

Magic can happen in 18 months!





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