A Year in Review

This Sunday is my baby Scarlet’s 1st birthday. We are celebrating with a whale themed birthday party at the YMCA. We have been busy busy busy planning for this event. For some this may seem silly, but she is my only child, and this is her first birthday, so I am taking this very serious. This little girl has completely transformed my life. Before Scarlett I had no one but myself to be responsible for. So what if I made a silly decision here or there. So what is didn’t take great care of myself. So what if I was sloppy in my decisions. NOW…I have her to be better for. Now I have someone watching me. I have someone that I would never ever want to let down. She makes me want to be the best me possible. I even watch less television and rated R movies because I want to fill my world with joy and laughter so that I can be more joyful around her. I don’t want my daughter to be raised in a polluted world. So this over all transformation has really shown up in my eating and fitness. I want to be a healthy energized, and happy mother. I want to be able to come home from work scoop her up and start to play with her. I don’t want to plop on the couch and do nothing while she whines for me. So I have been taking my clean eating very serious. Check out this side by side shot of the two of us. My husband walked by and was like ” OMG SHE IS GETTING BIGGER AND YOU ARE SHRINKING.”