Amy Dubay’s Beachbody Transformation! Guest Blogger!

My Weight Loss Journey Do you remember the first time you were ever called fat? I do. Do you remember the first time that you couldn’t fit into the biggest size at the clothing store? I do Do you remember receiving a letter from a boy titled “10 things I hate about you” and all of it pertaining to you being overweight? I do. These few memories are just small speed bumps in the road that I have encountered as an overweight child, teenager and adult. As a young girl I was verbally abused by a school teacher and in turn I went to food for comfort. I did not go to my parents about this teacher but instead food became my outlet. Quickly the pounds started to pack on and by the time I was 10, I weighed 135lbs. (Mind you I am almost 27 years old now and weigh 146lbs). I continued to gain weight through out the years, topping at 225lbs my sophomore year of high school. Junior year came around and something snapped in me. I joined a gym with a friend and over the next couple YEARS I lost about 20 lbs. I entered my college years but still was overweight and not happy. I never got any double takes by boys let alone a single look. College years were very difficult for me. My father was diagnosed with cancer and I took that out on eating disorders. For a few years of very unhealthy lifestyle, I lost some more weight and was done to the 180’s. I had another “AHA” moment, and decided to go back to the gym and start to actual eat healthier. I got down to about 165lbs. Over time that would go up and down about 10lbs. But inside I was still not happy. Every time I looked at myself in the mirror I still saw the old 225lbs me. I still hated every inch of my body. I didn’t care that the numbers went down or that my pants were more loose. I was getting to the point where I didn’t care about anything because of how unhappy I was with myself. Then I met Anita Miron through her facebook like page. I started to watch her progress and the amazing progress she had achieved but physically and mentally. I decided to take that leap of faith and join Beachbody. I bought the challenge package T25, which included Shakeology, in July of 2013. I am now down to 146lbs but the BEST thing is I feel like I have finally found ME. I have finally come to love myself for who I am. It’s been years since we have known each other but I am glad I have finally been reunited with myself. I have the drive to go forward in life and make a difference in my life rather than sitting on the side lines or in a ditch. How is Beachbody any different from other programs? FAMILY. That’s how. Beachbody has provided me with a network of other amazing people going through the same hardships and journey as myself. Beachbody has given me the tools to achieve my goals and in the most healthy way possible. I can’t thank Anita enough for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this family. It has truly touched my life and always will.


-Amy Dubay

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