Anita Miron’s Increase Your Speed Workout!

The winter months are upon us! And sometimes its just not feasible or attractive to run out side in the snow! This is my “increase your speed” workout that I have come up for myself to make treadmill running more affective and fun! Please note: We are all at different levels of fitness. You may need to decrease the speeds and adjust according to your level. You may need to increase speed! Who knows! But this is what I have been doing before my lift and I am looooving it! If you are brave and want to run in the snow, use this workout outside as well. Just increase and decrease speed according to your watch! Just push it to your limits and don’t hold back. This is how you see change… when you step  outside of your comfort zone! Running on the treadmill at a comfy pace will not change your body like a good HIIT workout! So PUSH IT!unnamed