Anita’s Favorite Booty Shaping Workouts!


Its all about that bass about that bass no treble…” (I love this song!!)

Okay this might be intimidating for a lot of you, but I am an open book. So lets talk booty… You girls either hate it or love it.

For all of my big booty girl friends… OWN IT!! Media knocks big hips and round booties way to many times, causing curvy (and so sexy) girls to feel less than par! let me tell you “You are perfect from the bottom to the top”! Real men are not are not afraid of a little roundness and curves!
When I started my journey to get fit and healthy one thing was made clear from the hubby “girl please do not lose that butt.” Well I did! I did insanity and got super fit, but lost my big round booty and thighs… (cardio is will only do so much for your body) so what did I start doing?!?! Body Beast and added 2 extra glute and hamstring days! Yes you heard me right, I work my legs 3 times a week! Some days are not as intense as others but I make sure to hit quads on one day, glutes and hams on another, and my calves get added into my back days! I built that sucker right up and I was praised for it in my competition feedback! That is why I chose Bikini for my competition… its all about booty, and I had built plenty of that and I was very very proud. So not matter the fitness program, no matter the diet regime, I will always work to keep that thing high, tight and mighty
One thing fitness has taught me… to be proud of your curves and muscles! For the first time in my life I am proud to turn around and walk away. My husband “hates to see me go, but loves to watch me leave;)”
Recently I had a rush of Facebook followers voice concern about my leanness and they thought I was getting “To skinny.” Have no fear Ive got junk in the trunk, don’t worry! 5’5 and 137-143 LBS is hardly to skinny
Skinny is not my goal. Sure I got lean to show my muscles for my comp, but curves are where its at and I love them! Ladies don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights and work that booty!



Below are some of my fave “at home” booty workouts. If you do not have access to a gym, these are perfect!


Do not be afraid to go heavy on these! You really want to stimulate as much as you can!