Anna Green!

Anna Green, career woman, mom, now Beachbody coach gone FIT. I am so proud of this challenger, and now coach on my team. Just look at the changes that she has made in only two months. Dedication, persistence, and consistency= success!! Who better than to hear from than Anna herself…


“Drumroll please…here are my results on DAY 60 of my 90 Day Beachbody Challenge. Over the last two months, which included Halloween and two Thanksgiving gatherings, here’s what I’ve accomplished:

– Lost 12 pounds!
– Lost nearly 16”, including over 4” from my waist and 2” from each of my thighs!
– Decreased my body fat by 13%!
– Down 1 clothing size!
– BMI: Down 2 points to 29.3
– Medical weight classification: Down from Obesity 1 to Overweight
– Moved from higher-than-normal risk to moderate risk for health problems that could shorten my life

One of the best parts? I am not starving myself of trying some crazy internet scheme that is actually unhealthy! I’m eating every 2-3 hours, clean eating whenever possible, working out 5 days a week in my basement, and replacing one meal a day with a healthy nutrition packed shake that actually tastes good.

Picture 1 (Before): Family pictures taken in July
Picture 2 (During): Family pictures taken in December…where I actually wanted one taken of myself! (Yeah…that NEVER happens!)

I’ll be sharing pieces of my story on both my personal page and my health and wellness community page. (Go and like the page if you haven’t already!) Mostly to continue keeping myself accountable, but also to let some of you who may be struggling with the same things I have know that you are not alone! I am a real life example that this can be done and I am only two months into my journey! I am a work in progress! And, I must say…I’m pretty darn proud of me.”


If this inspires you, if you are feeling ready to make a change … email me, I am here to help!