Avoid a TailGate Disaster!


Tailgating is a ton of fun! But there are temptations everywhere you turn. I am noticing that there are 1 million foot ball games going on today, and I am questions from challengers about what to do and what not to do with nutrition while tail gating. So here are a list of quick tips on how to avoid a tail gate disaster and come home feeling energized but full, trim and still on track!


#1 Bring a healthy dish to pass! But be sure that the healthy dish is something that you would truly enjoy “noming” on while hanging out! A killer hummus recipe, a clean spinach artichoke dip, mixed nuts, mixed fruit salads. Don’t be afraid to nom nom nom today! Enjoy yourself, but you don’t want to eat the wrong things and end up feeling sick, bloated, and totally derailed. Fill up on proteins, veggies, and fruits.


#2. Skip the dog, enjoy a burger. Go for an open faced burger, with no cheese! So only eat have the burger bun. Loooooad up on some veggies and small bit of ketchup and load up on mustard! Make sure your burger fits the palm of your hand, that is a safe portion size. If there is guacamole, load up your burger with it. Its great for taste and good healthy fats!


#3. Bring your own Jug of water, and a mug with a bag of green tea. Sip on the green tea through out the entire event! Or ask to brew a pot of coffee! This will cut cravings, give you a little buzz of energy, and keep you fuller. This will also keep your hands busy!

#4. Chew gum

#5. Avoid beer and wine all together, when in that environment its so easy to loose control of your goals. There is a ton of peer pressure. One beer almost always leads to bad eating, and more beer. Stick with feeling energized through your tea and water!

#6. If you are a Shakeology freakazoid like myself, plan your shake around the party! That will keep you full, your hands busy, and your taste buds happy!

Info on shakeology: www.shakeology.com/anitaonfire

its the healthiest meal of the day !!! And so delecious!