Be Weary on Halloween!

I love Halloween! I think its very fun, especially when you have a cute chubby 19 month old to dress up like a princess! I will be honest with you, there have been to many years in which I would take home my entire bag of candy (however I got it, because I have been an adult for 10 hears lol) and I would mindlessly indulge. I would sit in front of the television and I would get lost in a movie or a tv show and I would gorge myself full of candy. 10 pieces of almond joy and snickers later and bam, 2000 calories and an epic tummy ache.

If you follow me on facebook and you are reading my blog, you are probably someone who is on a fit journey! Kudos babayyyy! I want to share with you my Halloween game plan. Fortunately I can take my kids bag of candy away as soon as she gets it and toss it in the trash, or give it to someone else’s cavity having child! So here is what I plan on doing, I am going to grab 5 pieces of my favorite candy. I am going to put them in a zip lock back and put them in my pantry. I am going to allow myself 1 pieces of candy with a cup of green tea for the next 5 nights! Or you can even go as far as to just do it for one night. Just have one piece of your favorite candy! You can even give your candy to your spouse and have him or her hide it from you and when you want your 1 piece you can go enjoy it!!!

Why am I being so strict on a holiday you ask?!!? HELLO LOOK AT THE PHOTO BELOW!! My favorite is the fun size M&M’s, 88 dang calories! Not to mention the sugar rush and crash that comes after. That is why I suggest 1 piece to enjoy! That wont totally derail your progress or your health, and it will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you got to enjoy a little bit of this holiday with your family!



Now, if you have you older children…. you cannot be that mom that takes all of their candy away and throws it in the garbage, like my mom! I love my mom, but when I was a kid, that bag of loot meant a lot to me and I think it scared me for life when she took it away (love you mom ;)). So, 2 pieces of candy after dinner, every night for 1 week. I have heard some moms, start with the most chocolaty and the best candy, and then work their way to the not so great stuff. Eventually  (this is what I hear), you child will forget the hooplah of their Halloween loot over  a week!

So I share some complaining about what my Mom did, but honestly as an adult, I thank her for that. It taught me a valuable lesson. That much sugar for a kid is not a good thing! When I lived with my Dad, he would let me take my entire bag of candy and just eat from it all month. Needless to say when I got home to my moms after a 3 month visit I went from a healthy looking kid to a chunky chunky kid! Not to mention all of the cavities my Mom had to take care of.


Anyway… lets set our kids up for a healthy, but fun future, and let them sample form their bag, but not eat the entire thing!!!! And you Mom or Dad… treat yourself with the same tactic! Moderation is key. Follow the 90/10 rule! Live fit and clean 90% of the time, and enjoy all of your treats the other 10% of your life. Lets face it, its natural to have an emotional attachment to holidays and food. Don’t completely deprive yourself, but don’t complete derail your efforts.


Check out my game plan for today!!PicMonkey Collage

It tasted amazing. Cut out my craving for my all time favorite Halloween candy, Almond Joy. I feel ready to conquer the day!!!

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