Bikini Comp Prep Update!

I began my journey to The Beachbody Classic with this shirt on. I wore it in honor of the “Insane” journey that I was about to embark on. I was excited, I was thrilled, and I was… oblivious. I was so so excited that I finally had the chance to do something I had longed to do for many years! I had finally reached a point in my nutrition and fitness, that I felt strong enough to do this.

I knew that this would be an insane journey, but I had no idea how insane it would be nearing the finish line. So here I am 6 days out from the Beachbody Classic and 4 days left on my fitness regime before I get a few days off to repair and relax.

I decided to wear this shirt today because I needed the reminder of the excitement that I had on day one. I promise you this is the most challenging thing I have ever done. I don’t think it would have been so challenging if it weren’t for the business that I run and the 2 and a half year old climbing all over me, and going into extreme tantrum mode most of the time.

(1 hour doing turbofire for PLYO/HIIT, 30 minute commute to the gym daily, 1.5 Hours Lift/Abs/Stretch, and my hubby and I estimated that I take an hour to two hours a day prepping, packing and eating my food: So I spend nearly 3-4 hours per day prepping. That is a part time job!)

Normally, if my kiddo stressed me out, I would turn to eating more food. I would snack on something like peanut butter and crackers, fruits with peanut butter, frozen yogurt, toast and bananas. I would eat out of stress (I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS STILL AN ISSUE IN MY LIFE, I JUST ATE CLEAN FOOD OUT OF STRESS). It would also give me the energy boost that I needed to lift my child (ya know what I mean, when they do the dead weight thing with their bodies when they want something they can’t have), and a little therapy that I was looking for. My energy levels and my Mamma strength is practically gone, and so when I need to lift my kiddo, clean the house, run errands, lift groceries… it is a daunting task. I get super light headed and tired. I am short tempered and easily angered.

I knew what I was getting myself into, and I have stayed as strong as I can, but I am cracking. I have 4 days left of my plan… I am at the final home stretch for the classic, and then I get a week long break before I start training (3 weeks) for my NPC competition. I can and I will do this, and I will make it! I am so thankful to have my husband help me balance everything.

Just know, I am borderline “is this worth it?” mode, but I made a commitment to myself to finish this out. For the next 4 days I am going to need to go into extreme prayer and faith mode. This is not easy for me. I come from a long history emotional eating, yo yo dieting from obese to under weight to obese again, and anxiety and depression. I have been using positive self talk and time with the Lord to keep me strong and it has worked.unnamed-1