Breast Feeding and Weight Loss




I remember when gave birth to my daughter, looked in the mirror and said… I want my body back and I want it back like yesterday! I started nursing my baby girl Scarlett right away and it was the most glorious experience of my life! We snuggled, bonded, and those magical sparks flew as we looked into one another’s eyes and fell deeply and madly in love with one another. Once she finally fell asleep and it was alone time with the Hubby, I was less distracted and had a moment to really think about my body! I looked at my husband and I said “I am not okay with this body, but I don’t want to lose my milk supply. Nursing my daughter is my #1 priority. Nursing my daughter is my life right now, but I want to feel okay in my own skin!?!” I felt this sense of extreme desperation. I felt this sense that I was stuck! I lost about 15 lbs after giving birth to my 6lb daughter and nursing, but it stopped. I expected it to keep falling away, but noooope! It came to a dead stop! I researched the internet for hours on end while laying in bed nursing. I would look for tips and advice and there wasn’t anything! The only thing I ever found was “eat 500 calories over 1500 calories and you’re good!” So I started to do that and my milk supply started to nose dive.



I finally came across my friend on facebook who had lost 55 lbs while nursing her baby girl! I asked her for advice and she told me! She ate CLEAN, lifted weights, and did 2 days a week of 30 minutes of cardio. The key was that she ate clean, and ate… a lot! So I gave it a shot! I ordered a program called Chalean Extreme, I ordered Shakeology (which is perfectly safe while breast feeding), and I got busy teaching myself about clean eating. I researched a book called Clean Eating Diet Book by Tasca Reno! The book was such an incredible break down of what I should be putting in my body!!!



My baby needed nutrients and lots of it. My body also needed to keep up with the amount of energy being used to create milk, go through my daily activities and to work out. So I decided I would not change how much I ate, but I would change WHAT I ate. I would eat to be satisfied and full. If I was still hungry I would grab some fruit, nuts, vegetables and hummus, Shakeology, chicken! But here is the kicker: I worked my butt off in my workouts. I sweated, I cried, I worked hard. I only worked out for 45 minutes a day when Baby was napping! At first the weight was very slow to come off. It took me 90 days to lose 30 lbs. I did not expect to be totally ripped in 90 days because I was not restricting how much I ate! But naturally by being very careful about what I ate, and eating when I was hungry… the weight came off. My milk supply never suffered. In fact I ended up having quit the increase because I was feeding my body the proper foods for my milk to truly thrive! Rather than eating a bunch of nachos, pizza, and cheese burgers, I was eating tons of fruits, rice, oatmeal, nuts, nut butters, fish, chicken, steak. I made sure that each and every item I put in my body had 1-2 ingredients in it!


Burning 500 calories a day while nursing, burning 300 calories a day while working out, and an extra 200 a day going out and running errands, my body started to shed fat like crazy! I was never HUNGRY all the time because of all of the things that I was doing, and I was constantly hot and sweaty!!! I was never tired though! I had the right nutrients racing through my body and I felt amazing!!


I felt very strongly about sharing my journey with nursing and weight loss because so many women reach out to me and tell me how frustrated they are. How they just cannot seem to lose the weight. How they are just to scared to do anything because they don’t want to lose their milk supply. Everyone is different, but I firmly believe if you just change what you eat, and start moving more, the weight will come off and your body will keep the milk supply. You just need to eat enough and often! I was eating 6-7 small clean meals a day, and grazed on nuts and fruits between that! I was an eating factory! It is much easier to lose weight when you have so much extra weight on your body that your body is not used to! If you are already 20-25% body fat and you are nursing, I would not suggest trying to lose anymore weight, you may lose that vital layer of fat in your body for the hormones in your body to create milk!!


Okay so if you want to join my upcoming New Year New You Challenge group (yes good for mommies who are nursing) than please email me with your fitness goals at!!!