Breast Feeding and Weight Loss


I have been blessed in my career to have had a following of beautiful mothers! I am a new ish mamma of one baby girl. And she has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I wouldn’t trade being a mother for anything on the planet. I imagine that having my first baby will leave a bigger impression on me than having the second or the third baby! Anyway, when I got pregnant, I got happy… I guess you can say I put on some happy pounds! I  moved to Grand Rapids Michigan from bright sunny Orlando Florida and dealt with some emotional issues with the Winter Blues! I did not know how to deal with the constant darkness outside. So I found comfort in baking and eating all of the food I baked. So when I got pregnant you better believe that baking and eating was amplified. By the time I delivered my baby girl I was 210 lbs! I was right about the 140’s when I conceived her. So yeeeaaa, I put on a hefty amount of baby weight. My Scarlett was 6 lbs 2 onces. She was a tiny little peanut!

When I left the hospital within in 3 weeks I lost 20 lbs!!! I was nursing, and adjusting to the new body without baby! I was so excited and could not wait to watch the rest of the weight come off! I kept nursing, and just kept doing what I was doing (laying around all day watching tv and nursing). After 1 month of that I got on the scale and to my disappointment, I weight the same as I did the previous month. Cut to a month later, and introducing walking, and eating less… no weight loss. I was stuck at 190 and terrified! I was very dedicated to breast feeding my daughter but did not want to be this unhealthy and over weight. I felt constantly exhausted, my joints were constantly sore and I was just over it! I wanted to


change. After three months of n0 weight loss, I knew I had to make a change! I wanted to have more children in the future, and was not willing to continue to snow ball this weight onto my body! I needed to learn how to loose weight, breast feed and keep the weight off with future children. So I started weight watchers, and cut down to nearly 1500 calories…


I watched my milk supply disappear. I panicked. I freaked, and I went out and got a ton of Taco Bell and Ice Cream and I got my supply back lol! I ate like that for two weeks and watched some of my weight come back on. I had lost 5 lbs with my previous tactic and then I put it right back on. I was so frustrated and had no idea where to turn. I did not want to loose my supply. My baby was so itty bitty, and I wanted her to have the best possible start to her life. I also did not intend on quitting breast feeding until she was nearly 2. So I had to find a new plan, a healthy plan, a plan in which I did not diet  and cut calories… BUT WHAT ?! HOW?! I was so flustered I couldn’t even organize myself enough to do my research. Anyone else feel this way?! UGH. Add in being exhausted all night from nursing and rocking baby, and you have a crazed, and un healthy MOM!

I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and I stumbled upon my now coach and now mentor Leslie. She had shared that she had nursed her daughter for 1 year and while doing it she lost 55 lbs! She looked incredible and I had to know what she did, So I asked, and I implemented, and I lost 60 lbs!!!!

So here is what I did, and I hope it will work for you! I am no expert, this is just my experience!!

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1. DO  NOT CUT CALORIES. NEVER GO HUNGRY. Rather focus on eating around the clock. Eat 5 meals a day, but make sure the food you eat is clean, and healthy. Focus on eating 5 meals comprised of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits.741e6d33190a38ec6dd06304581dd6a0

2. If you get hungry outside of your 5 meals, snack on a table spoon of peanut butter, unlimited fruits, and oatmeal. Oatmeal promotes milk supply. Fruits help to add sugars to your milk. If you have ever tried your own milk, you will know that it is very sweet! Those sugars get pulled into your milk!

3. Drink 1 gallon of water a day, after all breast milk is comprised mostly of water! Plus, you are going to be exhausted at first! You are going to be working out, and using any spare calories to produce milk. Oh yes, not to mention the lack of sleep a nursing mother has!! So yes you need all the hydration you can get! Your system will need the extra energy and regulation!!! Check out the below benefits of water and weight loss!


4. Lift weights and do cardio:

I started with Chalean Extreme: It was the perfect combination of weight lifting and cardio. It was not so intense that I was totally zapping all of the nutrition in my body that I woul dhave needed for my milk supply.

Check out the program here!


5. I drank Shakeology. Yep! This stuff is incredible. This super dense dose of daily nutrition  helped to give my body a super nutrition packed punch while keeping the calories balanced. When you are doing an intense workout such as Chalean Extreme or T25 you end up zapping some vital nutrition that you would have needed to replenish your body after your body grabs for that nutrition for your milk. Shakeology kept me energized, and healthy! I never had an issue with my Daughter drinking my milk after drinking Shakeology. My pediatrician said it was perfect for nursing. He said that it beat the heck out of most meals that I could consume. It benefited the quality of my milk and the quality of my health!

I host a fitness and weight loss challenge group every month, and most of my challengers are Moms on a a mission! If you are at all interested in joining my next challenge group and receiving a full proof game plan to loosing weight while breast feeding email me at and lets chat about your goals!