Breast Feeding and Weightloss update

If you are a breast feeding mom and you want to try this for your weight loss I am offering a $10 rebate if you tell me that you found me on Youtube!

This is an update to a video that I had made a year ago!!! If you go and take a look at the other video I made you will notice that I am much heavier, and more tired lol! But yes I lost all of the baby weight while breast feeding! I have heard it before and I have this very same experience! If you breast feed you will only loose weight to a certain point and then you will be at a massive stand still. That was my experience. I was so frustrated. I did not want to to be stuck at that weight forever. But I was not going to compromise my milk supply. Shakeology and Chalean Extreme helped me get to my goal weight! I never hurt my milk supply, nor did it adversely affect my baby! She is 15 months old and is very very healthy and happy!


woa who is that lady up there?