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Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies

So I am a sucker for anything slower cooker! I love the smell of the food roasting in my house all day, I love the easeView full post »

12 Foods to Avoid While Dieting!

Diet this, fat free that, low carb this, sugar free that!?! Its really hard in this day to  know exactly whatView full post »

Independence Day : Fun Drinks : Diet Friendly

Independence day can be a diet night mare for most. I know for me the biggest challenge is drinking! 1 beer leads to 2View full post »

Clean Eating Success on a Road Trip!

Since starting my fitness journey my family and I have taken many many road trips!! Every time we go on a road trip IView full post »

How to Get a Fuller Rounder Butt – Glute Activation

Having a great butt is all the rage these days!  Remember when it was all about being skinny?  We are far from thatView full post »

When are you perfect ENOUGH?

People Don’t look like this on accident… at least I didn’t. When will you find your perfect?View full post »

Fitness Apparel on a Budget!

So I love to shop!! Its just in my blood! I don’t need super high quality expensive things (while that is nice andView full post »

My Official Insanity Max 30 Test Group Photos

  Well it is official… I am an Insanity Max 30 Test Group graduate. Over the last 2 months I had theView full post »

Dieting During The Holiday Parties

Ask yourself how important your goals are to you? You chose this time of the year to really dive into your goalsView full post »

Why Do I love 30 Minute Workouts?

“You’re in Shaun T’s carnival now” Why do you crack me up so much dude?! But he is right! ThisView full post »

My Experience with The 3 Day Refresh.

What is the 3 day refresh you ask! Well watch this video! It will be the best way for me to explain!   AView full post »

Tackle The Super Bowl!

Lisa Lillien is the author of the popular Hungry Girl website and email newsletter, featuring smart, funny advice onView full post »

Eat Fat to Lose Fat!

We need fat to burn fat, but the key is to consume the right type of fats! I aim to consume 25% fat in my diet! ThereView full post »

How to Portion Control the EASY WAY!!!

CLEAN EATING IS GREAT, but if you are striving for weight loss, portion controlling is crucial! It is possible to eatView full post »

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