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    Anita Mirons quick Bikini Diet Starts Monday

    This is my quick and easy plan to trim down a bit this week and get ready for my trip to Puerto Rico!! Yes, you guessed it, I eat the same thing everyday! It makes my life so much easier to have a  bulk of each item in the fridge, and grab and go!  You can change around the meals during the day or interchange the fish for steak or chicken to add some variety! Enjoy!! I suggest adding mustard onto your egg whites.   Just add chicken on the below salad for your lunch!!!   Visit this link for The Black Berry Chicken Salad Recipe!! Black Berry Spinach Salad…

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    My Official Insanity Max 30 Test Group Photos

        Well it is official… I am an Insanity Max 30 Test Group graduate. Over the last 2 months I had the privilege of working with a group of coaches who were hand picked by team Beachbody to work within a group with Shaun T. himself to complete the Insanity Max 30 Program. I had so many things throw in my way during my journey, but I stayed on course as much as I could! This was a very challenging program, and I had my booty handed to me every single day. Regardless of travel, life events and so on, I stuck it out and boy am I ever…

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    Frozen Banana Peanut Crunch!

      Total Time: 4 hrs. 5 min. Prep Time: 5 min. Cooking Time: None Yield: 1 serving Ingredients: 1 medium banana 1 Tbsp. chopped (or ground) raw (or unsalted, dry-roasted) peanuts Preparation: 1. Roll banana in peanuts until peanuts stick. Wrap with foil and freeze for 3 to 4 hours or until hard.         reposted from www.beachbodycoach.com/anitamiron2

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    Insanity Max 30 Spaghetti With Meat Sauce!

      Every body loves a little Spaghetti and meat balls! YUM! I know I crave it all the time especially this time of the year! When it is nice and cool out, I crave a warm bowl of spaghetti! Guess what…. you can have spaghetti when you are following a clean eating / portion controlled/ macro cautious meal plan!! This is such a delicious recipe, and really hits the spot. I made this in a giant pot for my family, and I froze the rest to eat throughout the week!   How does this fit into Insanity Max 30 Meal plan? How does this fit into the 21 Day Fix…

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    Why Do I love 30 Minute Workouts?

    “You’re in Shaun T’s carnival now” Why do you crack me up so much dude?! But he is right! This workout is becoming my absolute favorite Beachbody program by far!” I am not just saying that! I love all of the programs but this one… perfect! I am seeing amazing results, I am pushed to my limits and I am loving 30 minutes on the clock!!! when I am drenched in sweat, on my knees panting, I can look up at the clock and know that I have just 15 seconds left of that round. I know that I can get up and go for another 15 seconds, so I…