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Official CIZE Test Group Results

I am human… and I fell off the wagon at week 2.5 during the Team Beachbody CIZE test group. I continued to do the workouts. I gave it my all to stay on track during our road trip but once we got to Michigan and saw our friends and family… I just wanted to kick […]

Casey Walker’s Incredible Fitness Journey!

Casey Walker came into my inbox and totally touched my heart. From the hospital bed getting IVIG treatments because of nerve pain that radiated into his rib cage and back,muscle spasms and leg weakness! He was perfectly miserable! His kids were sad, his wife was working overtime and I felt defeated! He had enough of […]

My Official Insanity Max 30 Test Group Photos

    Well it is official… I am an Insanity Max 30 Test Group graduate. Over the last 2 months I had the privilege of working with a group of coaches who were hand picked by team Beachbody to work within a group with Shaun T. himself to complete the Insanity Max 30 Program. I […]

Amy Dubay’s Beachbody Transformation! Guest Blogger!

My Weight Loss Journey Do you remember the first time you were ever called fat? I do. Do you remember the first time that you couldn’t fit into the biggest size at the clothing store? I do Do you remember receiving a letter from a boy titled “10 things I hate about you” and all […]