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I want to live until I am 100…

Every day I workout. In some way shape or form, I move my body! I do take rest days, but they are definitelyView full post »

April 17th-April 24th! E- News Letter!

April 17th-April 24th! E- News Letter! Why do I eat Keto?  Because I FEEL great when I do!  I get to eat a lot of myView full post »

10 Ways to a Better YOU

The amazing thing about  life is that your attitude can make all of the change in the world. Life will alwaysView full post »

CHECK OUT THIS WEEKS MEAL PLAN! ALONG WITH RECIPES! Ingredients: 2 lbs ground chicken breast 1 cup chopped onion 1TbspView full post »

Indoor FAKE Snow Project!

So before I strap into my desk to work my business during the day, I home school my 5 year old! I try to make ourView full post »

The Challenge Day Challenge Application

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></View full post »

Meal Plan February 27th-March 4th

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Here is my meal plan for the upcoming week! I am ready to really tackle my health andView full post »

The 50 Pushups Challenge

Im so excited! We are on day two of our 30 day push up challenge! There are over 100 members getting their push up onView full post »

Cauliflower Fried Rice!!

CAULIFLOWER “FRIED RICE” I LOVE fried rice, and often make my own fried rice at home with brown riceView full post »

Losing Our Babies.

Have you seen the movie groundhogs day? That is how I feel about my grief. Every night I go to bed feeling a little bitView full post »

The Best Paleo Noodles Ever!!

When I decided to switch my diet and follow a Paleo plan I remember feeling a sadness that I was going to not beView full post »

Debt Free Thanks to Beachbody !

In 2008 I walked across the graduation stage and into a mountain of student debt. With my spending habits, and lack of aView full post »

A Complete Test list for Holistic Approaching CURING Depression.

So many of you have asked me about Anxiety and Depression and what tests I have done to treat the cause of the symptomsView full post »

What is Core De Force? Join the Test Group!

What is Core De Force? What could you accomplish in just 30 days? How about getting into knockout shape — with aView full post »

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