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BROWNED BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP BLONDIES   Serves 16 bars Nutrition Facts Serving Size Amount Per Serving As ServedView full post »

Gluten Free Picky Kiddo Hack!

I am always on the prowl for healthy fat foods my kid will eat! Now that she has gone gluten free, I am on the prowlView full post »

Cauliflower Pizza Crust!

Omg I finally did it!!! I was craving pizza so badly I made Cauliflower pizza and it was pure Magic !!! This willView full post »

16 Ways to Swap Out Crackers and Chips

Graham crackers. Animal crackers. Cheese and crackers. Crackers in soup. Crackers and hummus. Chips and dip. Chips andView full post »

9 Pantry Staples for Healthy Eating

  Between work, school runs, errands, and generally busy schedules, cooking a healthy meal after all of thatView full post »

Meal Timing: Does it Matter When You Eat?

Meal Timing: Does it Matter When You Eat? When it comes to healthy eating, you’ve likely heard far more about what andView full post »

Why Your Workouts Are Not Working!!

Improving your health and fitness takes time and hard work. You shouldn’t expect to see changes after one orView full post »

Introducing The 80 Day Obsession

Announcing 80 Day Obsession Excited for 80 Day Obsession? Sign up here up to get weekly motivational messages, tips andView full post »

8 Healthy Eating Tips to Banish Boring Meals

Let’s face it: “healthy eating” has a PR problem. If you’re new to eating healthy, that phrase may bringView full post »

I want to live until I am 100…

Every day I workout. In some way shape or form, I move my body! I do take rest days, but they are definitelyView full post »

April 17th-April 24th! E- News Letter!

April 17th-April 24th! E- News Letter! Why do I eat Keto?  Because I FEEL great when I do!  I get to eat a lot of myView full post »

10 Ways to a Better YOU

The amazing thing about  life is that your attitude can make all of the change in the world. Life will alwaysView full post »

CHECK OUT THIS WEEKS MEAL PLAN! ALONG WITH RECIPES! Ingredients: 2 lbs ground chicken breast 1 cup chopped onion 1TbspView full post »

Indoor FAKE Snow Project!

So before I strap into my desk to work my business during the day, I home school my 5 year old! I try to make ourView full post »

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