Challenger/Coach High Light!!!

I have been a coach for 19 months now, and Its pretty amazing how I find my inspiration from my challengers and the coaches on my team. Lindsey is a coach, and a part of The Inspire Empire. I started to really take notice of her when she was constantly posting seriously motivating stuff. She just seemed so darn dedicated. So I decided this was a girl I had to watch! She completed Insanity, and is now using T25! Throw Shakeology and Clean eating in the mix and you have this success story!…


So… I invited Lindsaey to guest blog:

Take it away Lindsey

Hey everyone, my name is Lindsey and I am a 20 year old college student from Michigan. I started my weight loss/health journey nearly 10 months ago with Beachbody, but had struggled on and off before that. As far back as I can remember I was always the “bigger girl” in school. No, I wasn’t extremely obese; I played soccer for 12 years and basketball for a while as well. But, I always seemed to weigh much more than I should have and the weight was not going away. Well, part of it I should mention, was me constantly eating large portions of fast food almost every single day. During high school and part way through college I was also in a relationship that was very verbally abusive. After graduation and going into my first year of college, I hit my all time highest weight. I was at nearly 200 pounds and continued to make excuses for my habits. I continued my bad diet, blaming it on stress and school to avoid the real issue. I also stayed in my horrible relationship because I felt worthless. I ran back to the same destructive person because I didn’t think anyone else would want me. I was extremely insecure and not a very pleasant person to be around. I had no idea who that person was, but I had lost my fun, outgoing, and happy self.

Finally, about ten months ago, I had been sitting and watching TV (like I normally did from day to day) and the Insanity commercial had come on. I had seen it many times before, but for some reason that day I felt like I was at my lowest point and something needed to change. I told my mom that I had wanted to do it, and to my surprise she was very supportive and even helped me pay for it. The days were not easy, and it had shown me how out of touch I had gotten with my own health. Why would I sacrifice my body like that? I was done talking down on myself. I completed Insanity with no help, dropped 20 pounds, ended my relationship, and even ran my first 5k!

Simultaneously, a co-worker of mine had just started a Beachbody program as well. We would chat here and there about it, and I always talked about doing another program. Then she became a coach and instantly asked me to join one of her groups. I had wanted to, but I didn’t have the money to order one right away. Finally, I gathered the money and ordered Focus T25 and Shakeology after completing Insanity. I even signed on as a coach too, but just for the discounts. Shortly after I started I wanted to work the business. I needed to pay for the holidays and couldn’t work a full time job being a college student.  I immediately got to work and did everything my coach told me. She helped me every single step of the way, within my first month I hit Success Club 16 and went Emerald!! I could not believe that my success with weight loss and health has inspired so many other people as well. I would be lying if I said it was all a miracle and the days were easy. I stopped working out in the summer (I have NO idea why, after the success I had with Insanity, but nonetheless) and had become out of shape again! I struggled to get through the workouts and change my diet. But, with the help of my team it was possible. Almost 10 weeks in, I am down 30 pounds, and 20 inches all together.


(here is how Lindsey ate)

Beachbody gave me the opportunity to work at home on my own time. I study nursing and I will be enlisting into the Army when I complete college, so serving others is a huge passion of mine. I get to do this every day as a coach just by working on my own health and wellness. I get to talk to people about their stories and help them achieve their goals! I am 100% confident in saying that Beachbody has changed me. I am a happier, healthier, and more financially stable person who can still continue to go to school full time! I was able to pay for my textbooks and set aside money for future school payments. I also have the ability to afford and pay for my own vacation coming up in June!


We all get lost sometimes, but we cannot give up when we’re feeling lost. The day I became a part of this team was the best decision I ever made, to surround myself with other people just like me. These amazing people are going through the same journey and we are all here to support each other. I am far from perfect, I still have big goals for myself, but I continue to work hard every day to achieve them!


-Lindsey Odoo

Sterling Height Michigan