Clean Eating Success on a Road Trip!

Since starting my fitness journey my family and I have taken many many road trips!! Every time we go on a road trip I have grand plans to stay on track. I have gone through many meal plans. I have meal prepped every single meal, I have taken meal replacement out there with me, and each time something goes wrong!! My meals either go back and leak, or the meal replacements just don’t cut it! So I am trying again!! Tonight we leave for Indiana/ Michigan and I am determined to stay on track in my eating. Team Beachbody Summit is in less than 3 weeks and I am determined to feel and look my best when presenting a training seminar and receiving recognition for last years hard work!

This time I am trying a balanced  approach. I am attempting to have a few meals prepared but also bring lots of fruits, nuts, veggies, and hummus!! Everything must stay well in a cooler, require very little heat up, and be very easy to grab and go with. I chose carrots as my best friend veggie because they are so easy to snack on and use with hummus. I know they have sugars and should not be a main vegetable source in regular life, but this is the what I am thinking will make this road trip a success!!



Considering we have a 3 year old with us, and very little wiggle room for time we are not able to stop a bunch and heat up foods, and what not. We also want to avoid eating out like crazy! That is usually when things get challenging on road trips… FAST FOOD!! When the family wants to stop! I usually find when I am ill prepared and lack the proper grab and go foods in a crunch, I start making up reasons in my mind that Chicken Nuggets and Fries are a good solid choice…. NOT!! Not even a little bit haha. So here is what our travels will look like!!


Tonight (Sunday evening) we are hitting the road at 6 PM. We will eat on the road at 8 PM. We will eat the BBQ Chicken that we pre cooked along with our raw carrots. We will arrive in Arkansa at 2 Am.


Wake up workout, eat break fast in the hotel. I will work on my computer for an hour in the hotel while Eric and Scarlett go swim and play on the play ground. I will get my Shakeology in and then we will get the road. I will have half a banana with my Shakeology.


I will have my Low sodium Turkey and PITA on the road along with those handy dandy fresh Carrots!!

My late after noon snack will be Carrots, Hummus, and a cup of grapes. I will also eat half of a quest bar to satiate me.

For Dinner I will have either a quest bar  and fruit or Chicken and carrots again! This is not my ideal way of eating btw!! But this is how I am going to stay close to on track on the road!!


Repeat again the following day. Quest bars, and Shakeology on the road are my back up plan!! Scarlett will be eating many fun kids snacks that we packed for her. We are still working on perfecting that !! She is obsessed with cheerios and fruits right now so it is pretty simple to keep her happy with snacks!


Here is my game plan!!


Lots of fruits, lots of nuts. I will each break fast at the hotel. I will have 1/2 cup of oats, and eggs, with coffee. Before we head out on the road I will have  my Shakeology, and then I will have my low sodium turkey breast and pita bread on the road for lunch. I packed carrots and hummus for a light healthy snack. I packed peanut butter and apples for another light healthy snack! For dinner we will have pre made BBQ chicken along with carrots and hummus!








I am also packing a lot of Shakeology and Quest bars in case of emergency!!


Ive got my giant jug of water to stay hydrated!!



I find that in a bind, dried and fresh fruits, low sodium raw nuts and veggies are the best grab and go meal for a road trip!!




As for my fitness you ask? Well we wont have a ton of time to focus on fitness on the road for 3 days with a toddler, so I will be packing my Insanity Max 30, CIZE and of course Beachbody on Demand. I will workout every morning before everyone else gets up and get my 30 minutes of cardio in! I will admit it will be so difficult to sit still for that long on the road so that is why I will need to get a killer calorie burn in before we embark on our journey each day!!



Okay this is my game plan and I am praying that it is the solution I have been looking for for travel!! Again I have selected VERY EASY AND DELICIOUS things to grab and go out of a cooler. I have tried the pre cooked meal thing, I have tried just eating on fast food and being reasonable with that… neither worked. Carrots, nuts, fruits, hummus, shakeology, and quest bars are going to me my main go to for the road ,and hoping this keeps Anita happy, satiated, and away from the fast food joints!! If I do have anything fast food, it will be a Wendies Salad and Bakes Potato, but that is in case I am just totally sick of everything I have had for the last 3 days!! Hold me to this, wish me luck!!!


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