Common Excuses Not To Workout… What to do About It.

I hear this all to often “I don’t see a change in my body so I just give up and go back to eating junk.” I’m here to tell you, you have to be able to deal with the months and days of no results, because it will happen!! You have to have faith in the fact that eating clean and lifting weights will change your body. It won’t happen over night!! Sometimes it takes blind faith and hope. It definitely takes a positive attitude at all times!! The below photo is a 20 month transformation!! 20 freaking months!! Was I upset that I was not where I am today faster??! Nope!! I learned over the months of blind faith that this right here is a lifestyle that I would rather have than not!! This is a far better way to live than to live on junk!! So even during my 7 month plateau, I kept going and it eventually broke. I kept myself positive and kept making the necessary changes and taking the necessary steps to get to my goal. Did I have moments of weakness and anger!? sure!! But it’s a trade off!! I could choose to be exhausted and over weight or I could choose to be healthy and energized. Your focus needs to change from getting skinny to getting healthy!! If you don’t see a change in the mirror, focus in the change in your energy and health!


Common Excuses not to get in shape and my arguments. Please feel free to continue the argument in the comments section.

1. I don’t have time.

What I have to say about that: 10-25 minutes a day over 6 months … will make a huge difference. It does not need to be a production. Everyone has 10-25 minutes. Someone else with less time than you, is moving their butts. So you don’t have time to be a body builder?… no body does.. so go do something and start feeling better about yourself and your health!

2. I don’t have the money.

It is actually free dollars and free cents to walk outside. “oh but its snowing out.” Get on Pinterest or youtube and find a free workout to do at home. Or head over to your local library and check out a book with workouts in it. Besides, those medical bills in the future will add up, whether you like it or not. Better start moving now, so you don’t have to pay the price later.

3. Healthy food is to expensive.

I promise you, where there is a will there is a way. I bet there is something else in your budget you can let go of! If you go to a local farm, or to a farmers market, its actually less expensive. And you don’t need to make a giant overhaul in your grocery’s… EAT A DANG TURKEY SANDWICH ON WHEAT. EAT A DANG PEANUT BUTTER JELLY ON WHEAT WITH A SIDE OF GRAPES. Thats super cheap, and pretty good for you. Its about small changes at first. Oatmeal is like a $1.99. Ad some fruit to that and you got yourself a low cal, and healthy meal!

4. I lack all motivation.

Suck it up butter cup, we all lack it. Its not something we wake up with. I have to go searching for it daily, because it means something to me. So I read personal development, I make friends in fitness online, I watch the Biggest looser, and Extreme Weight Loss for motivation.

5. I just don’t care enough…

I hope you start to care, its important because your family loves you and want you around longer! You are not invincible and you do not get a “pass” card because you’re you. If you don’t take care of yourself… it will catch up. If not now, in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s.

IM not asking you all to workout for one hour a day.
Im asking for 25 minutes, and small changes in your eating. SMALL. Maybe 2 clean meals a day… start somewhere!



Not for you, not for anyone else! Fitness is my time! It is my escape! It is my life. I’m not obsessed, I’m dedicated and in love!! Fitness is a treat for yourself and should be appreciated !! There are people with serious injuries that cannot workout!! We should be thankful and realize that this fit life is a gift!!