Confidence is Sexy

Being a Fitness instructor, I am placed in a world full of “whats perfect and whats not perfect.” I talk to women daily about their (what society deems) “flaws”. Some women get so angry, and emotional about their “flaws.” Here is the thing, I did not notice any of these issues until you showed them to me! The only thing I noticed is whether or not you came into class with confidence. If you were hiding, or if you were smiling and having a good time. I think all women are beautiful, but what really makes a woman shine, is her confidence. The ability for a woman to come into class with a grin on her face and the good humor to do silly dance moves, and get super sweaty with people she does not know. You can have all of the foundation, cover up, concealer in the world on, but nothing will hide a bad attitude and low confidence. Confidence is the best makeup, outfit, and tan you can have! Build your beauty from within and the rest will fall in to place! People are attracted to confident proud people, not “pretty” people.