Cutting late night hunger down!!

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One of my biggest battles since starting my weight loss journey… LATE NIGHT CRAVINGS AND HUNGER. I could not control myself when it came to 8 pm! It would be down time for my family, and down time for me! Before starting my fitness journey I would graze all day and maybe eat one meal a day, and then when I came home from work, my husband and I would eat Mexican/Chinese Food/America Affair depending on the night of the week. HECK, WE WOULD DRINK A BOTTLE OF WINE AND A 12 PACK EACH WEEK. It was our way of relaxing and enjoying our evening and one another. CUT TO: 210 lbs, new baby, and new goals. I was tired of being over weight, I was tired of being tired. That food was not serving my body. I always felt so terrible after eating like that and then laying there for hours before bed. I knew in the back of my mind that the food was going to totally go right to my hips! I am unfortuante in the fact that my husband is a fit dude no matter what he eats! He can eat anything at any time, and he’s good. Not me!

One thing I learned very quickly… I needed to stop eating after 7:30-8:00 PM and I needed to be certain that last meal was not HUGE and full of Carbohydrates! Carbohydrates= energy, and if you are not expelling that energy, it turns into sugars, and ultimately turns into body fat! Pretty awful right?! UGH! I loved my late night chips and ice cream! So I found through trial and error some things that worked for me and my habits. I still wanted something to do with my hands and mouth at night. I mean it comes down to that… habit! So I picked up smoking!! NO I AM TOTALLY KIDDING! HAHAHA! Really though…

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1. Make sure your dinner is well rounded! Make sure the portions of your dinner = smart!

a. palm sized serving of lean protein. b. one fist sized portion of complex carbohydrates (brown rice, sweet potato. Anything slow releasing) c. a double fist portion of veggies, and perhaps 1 piece of fruit!

2. Make sure to drink enough water all day so that you do not end up hungry and feeling deprived.

3. Herbal teas! I try to avoid caffein packed teas because they made it hard to fall asleep. I like fruit flavored or Chamomile  to calm me and relax me!

4. 1 piece of dark chocolate (I mean a 1 inch piece, not an entire bar). 70 % cacao and above!!

5. 4-5 egg whites before bed! If you are hangry like me by 10 pm… eat egg whites. No carbs, no sugar, filling and very low calorie! Perfect really!

6. a half of a shakeology… very low in the glycemic index, very low calorie… delicious

7. a high quality protein powder and water

8. sugar free gum if you need to chew on something.

9. A teaspoon or two of all natural almond butter or peanut butter! Low carbs, high in good fats to fill you up and give you energy.

10. 1 rice cake with peanut butter. The rice cake is only 35 calories, 7 Carbs! Perfect small stomach filling snack!


Most of the time our hunger is not in fact hunger, but boredom and cravings! So fight it off with these simple tips.