Day 1 of My Figure Competition Training!

I am rocking my Insanity shirt during the first leg of my training today in honor of the insane journey I am so excited to embark on!! Today is Day One of my training for the Beachbody Classic in Vegas in June and The Nicole Wilkins Classic in July in Rochester Hills Michigan!!!

The next 4 months of my life will consist or more eating (of the right foods) and working out than I have ever done before! This will be a big test of discipline! The next 4 months will consist of more mental determination and dedication than ever before! I have already completed the hardest part of my fitness journey: switching my habits and losing 70 lbs!! I have been able to
Switch from being dependent on junk food for happiness to being dependent on my faith, family and fitness for my happiness.

I have proven to myself that I can do this because I was able to stay dedicated enough to go from 200 to 138 lbs!! That mental shift is the hardest journey anyone will ever embark on!! This competition prep is a whole new mindset and could very well be just as challenging as the first month I started my fitness journey 2 years ago! I know I got this in the bag though! Especially since I am working with the best coach and team ever!!! Team Zachary ButlerChristina Tucci Butler10152479_10203531538510550_3618990421079954844_n