Day 2 P90x3 Agility X

So I thought a 30 minute workout would be super easy and that I would get a minimal calorie burn from it! Not the case at all! Today was my second day of p90x3 and I did Agility X. I am following the Classic version of the program as it is considered to be the most balanced between cardio and weights. The first day was called  Synergistics. If you are a P90x graduate, you are well familiar with core synergistics. This is very similar to that workout! How do you get the same workout but in shorter amount of time? Combine the moves into one total body movement! Many of these moves reminded me of the moves from Core Synergistics except with a few sets of pull ups. I burned 240 calories (according to my HRM) with Synergistics. I would say it is pretty low impact, and fun! Not to crazy!

Today was Agility X. This one reminded me a lot of the first month of Insanity and a bit of Asylum (Insanity) There are a lot of combination moves again! This one was a killer. Check out my video. There is a lot of jumping and fancy foot work. I kept falling out of balance. I have not been used to having to stabalize my body and hold my core in order to stay in position. I am thinking that is where a lot of the calorie burn and fat burning comes in play, using your core to balance, while doing the movements.

30 minutes and 345 calories. Not to bad at all! Imagine there was a big of an after burn affect as well considering I was panting and beat by the end of the workout. Tony is hilarious and keeps the workout interesting! Oh btw … Drea is in this one, and she looks freaking phenom!! Better than the first P90x! Hard to believe right. Shes awesome! Make sure to watch the accelerator before getting started. Tons of great tips there! The eaint plan, totally laid back. That is what made me a bit nervous. Most programs have you figure out your basic calories needs to loose weight, while maintaining energy. Most programs really break down macro nutrients for you. Not p90x3! Tony suggests a balanced approach! And he makes it really easy to understand portions. I like it!

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