Day 4 of The 21 Day Fix. My Experience So far!



Today will be my 4th day with the 21 Day Fix! So far I am really enjoying the workouts a ton, SO LETS START THERE (GOOD NEWS FIRST RIGHT?!?!)  They are really encouraging, motivating, and fun! Autumn Calabrese is so motivating and really does an awesome job at keeping people engaged. So far I have completed Total Body Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, and Pilates. My calories for each workouts have been:

I am 5’5 and 140 Lbs

Total Body Cardio Fix: 300 Calories

Upper Fix: 250 Calories (pushups baby!!)

Lower Fix: 200 Calories

Pilates: 200 Calories


I guess that is to be expected with a 30 minute workout! Which I can totally appreciate because there is so much more I want to do in my morning than spend an entire morning working out! I would say the most challenging workout is the Total Body Cardio Fix. OH Em GEE guys! I got my butt whooped and I am a 2 time Insanity graduate! Using weights with Cardio is a whole new ball game! I love that amount of ab work in each workout! Each workout incorporates some sort of core strengthening workout! The modifier is awesome, and I totally feel confident in suggesting this workout to anyone of my challengers. My 55 year old mother could rock this fitness program. There is a few people doing the moves with high intensity and high impact, and the modifier does a great job of showing you how you can really get an great burn without adding to much pressure to your joins. So if you are wondering … can I do the fitness program? Will it be to much for me? Absolutely anyone can do this! Big, small, old, young!!


images (4)

I used weights for a few of the workouts and I used a red band for a few of the workouts. The days that I used the bands… I still had a killer calorie burn and workout! I felt just as challenged with the bands during lower fix as I do with the upper fix and using weights. So if you are wondering…”Must I buy weights?” Nope! You can still rock this workout with just a $20 resistance band! I am on the roach visiting my My Mom in Florida with my kiddo! So I was able to pop my resistance band, and little dvd set into my travel bag and I am set for my 10 day trip!


So in conclusion… Fitness program is off the chain and I love it!

Okay so lets talk about the nutrition side of the program…


I am following the Tupperware system to A- T. I had completed Body Best right before I started this program. I was just completed my lean phase, which in body building terms is “cutting phase”. I had lost 7 lbs total, and 5% body fat. Before the lean phase of Body Beast I had gained 10 lbs, and 2% body fat. I was looking pretty solid and you could tell that I put on a ton of muscle.  According to my friends and family, after the “cutting phase” I had never looked better! I am in love with my new, lean, strong body! I was never exhausted, and I never felt like I was starving. Toward the very end of the phase I did however start to feel a little light headed, and the cravings started to pour in. I allowed myself a couple of days off and a cheat meal. I had food poisoning last week, and threw up 8 times, and was left exhausted and hungry. So I took a few days to replenish my calories and my body. I felt pretty dang good going into the program, and by the end of day one, I was singing “I so got this! Day 1 down, 20 more days to go. I am so on point! There is no stopping me.”

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The tracking sheets

Day 2 was a bit challenging, but nothing a good cup of green tea, and a ton of water couldn’t cure. Day 3 … yes I was salivating and diring to eat a freaking box of cookies! Which is something I had not had a hunger for in ages. I wanted nothing more than to sit with some oreos and milk and call it good. I went grocery shopping for my trip in Orlando and walking through the store made me depressed and HANGRY. I was exhausted for most of the day, and felt down right awful. I skipped my workout because I was flying with my daughter from Michigan to Florida, and I knew I had to carry her around the airport and keep her on my lap during the entire flight. If you have flown with a 2 year old, you know damn well how hard that is on your body! Today is day 4 and I am feeling the same. I got my workout in, and thought it would be harmless to walk my daughter to the local part (2 miles total), and play with her in the park. I did some physical activity, but it wasn’t like I was interval training through the park. When we got home I made certain that I took a load off and I immediately crashed out on my couch! Woops… it’s not like I have work to do or a kid to watch or whatever lol. Thank goodness my Mom was there to watch her while I caught some Z’s… and yes… I slept a full 8 hours the night before.

Below is my meal plan that I intend on following. I made sure my breakfast is my biggest meal. I am doing oats, peanut butter, fruit, and protein. After that breakfast I felt perfect! And a meal like that is my typical meal for all meals! I eat  a hearty portion of protein, fruit, or carbohydrates, and some sort of healthy fat. I toyed with a few different ways of eating with the first two days of the program, and I felt most energy when I did it this way. When I did 6 meals, and took the fruit out of my breakfast and made a 6th meal, I felt absolutely drained all day. Today, yes I felt drained, but I at least had energy to get to the park with my kid and work on my computer. I am hoping that I don’t have to give this program up due to the previous week of being sick and having spend 4 weeks cutting body fat previous to starting this program. I doubt that will be an issue. I am confident that I can press through. I will not throw in the towel unless it starts to become an issue with raising my child and getting my work done. Its just really difficult to be in a calorie deficit when you are raising a two year old who is constantly on the go!

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With all of this being said, I am going to go another few days and see if my body adjusts to what went down last week (food poisoning), and running around like crazy with my daughter while traveling yesterday. I am 100% dedicated to completing this program. When I look at all of the food, and when I load the food into my fitness pal, the calories really are not THAT LOW. They are coming in around 1300-1400! My issue could very well be that I am more active than I thought I was, and perhaps I just need to eat an extra dose of protein or carbohydrate. I intend on researching any live chats that might be available with Autumn and see what she says about my exhaustion. My goals are to get to my goal weight of 130lbs and I want to do it the healthy and safe way! I am confident that the food I am eating is healthy and I am eating enough, I just need to consider compensating for my extra calories burned.


So with my current height and weight: 140 Lbs, 5’5 I come in with the 1200-1400 calorie range

So I am required to eat 4 Red containers (protein), 2 Purple containers (fruit), 1 Blue Container (healthy fat), 3 Green Containers (Veggies), 1 Orange (healthy fat/seeds/oils)

This is a 40% Carbohydrate, 30 % Protein, 30 % Fat Diet!

This style of eating is meant to give you a ton of energy and keep you pushing hard during your workouts!

How are calories and type of system calculated?

A. Your current weight in pounds x 11

= Your Caloric Baseline

B. Your Caloric Baseline + 400 (fix calorie burn)

= Your Calorie needs

C. Your Caloric needs-750 (Caloric Deficit)

=Caloric Target!


My next 21 Day fix group begins on February 24th! I am here to motivate you, inspire you, and push you to success. If I can do this so can you! Why do it all alone? When you can do this with a group of other people equally as motivated