Easy Breasy Kitchen Peasy


You’re busy right? You have a family to take care of, a full time job, a full time

hobby, a part time whatever! Time is money and your time is valuable. Rather than cooking all day and eating 5 square and clean meals a day, I am sure you would rather spend that time with your family or working your job/business. So here are some tips that I have formulated to help you rock the kitchen without breaking the bank and without taking time away from your busy lifestyle.

1. Meal Prep. Take some time on Sunday evening and prep some large dishes to nibble on throughout the week. It does not have to be gourmet and you don’t need to have all of your meals prepped, just have something in case you are super busy and cannot get food prepped throughout the week. Casserole dishes, and soups are great for this. Fall in love with tupperware, it will be your bff!

2. Prepare a nice supply of protein bars. These can be made with some basic kitchen items and protein powder. Ensure that these powders are clean and healthy. Make sure there are no added sugars! I like pumpkin protein bars, or chocolate protein bars. This is a great sweet treat to have on hand for the whole family. I enjoy 2 bars with a cup of tea for one of my meals, and the protein definitely helps to keep me energized and satiated.

3. Greek Yogurt! Nuff said. Learn to love it. I know that they can be very strong and pungent  I like Mueller Greek Corner because it is a very subtle yogurt and it is simply delicious. Grabbing and going with these are so easy, and they pack a nice protein punch.

4. Of course I am going to suggest Shakeology. Shakeology is the most nutrient meal replacements on the market and super duper clean. I used Shakeology to loose my 60 lbs. Shakeology is not meant for weight loss. Shakeology is meant to keep you healthy and energized while replacing a meal. It is the most efficient 160 calories you can get. Check out this video for more information. You can order through me atwww.beachbodycoach.com/anitaonfirehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9PJjWD8lU8. Shakeology helps to pick up where you leave off in your diet. It is impossible to get this much nutrition in your regular diet. It is also a delicious grab and go meal.

5. Pick up a tub of Whey Protein Powder. Mix up your whey (or dairy free option) in water and a splash of dairy free milk and go! This will give you energy, help you stave off hunger, and give you a lot of nutrition in a small caloric in take. I will do this with an apple or a piece of string cheese.

6. Cut up an apple, drizzle microwaved peanut butter on top. Be sure to stay under 1 tablespoon. Heating up the peanut butter will actually distribute the peanut butter all over your apple. This is an efficient way to eat peanut butter and it really gets more peanut butter on your apple!

7. I might actually offend with this, but google search Intermittent Fasting. There is not much research on this topic, but a lof of busy moms who happen to be fitness professionals use this tactic. It saves time and energy spent in the kitchen. Again, it is very controversial so proceed with caution. Just make sure you’re getting your proper calorie in take!

There is a common trend here. These are easy, grab and go, and meant to help you in a pinch. There is a lot of protein here and that is what you need to help build a sexy lean body!


If you want more of this help, join me in the Beachbody Challenge. Fitness+nutrition+support=success.