Emotional Eating and How I Changed My Life!

When I look at the first photo all I can think about is my previous relationship with food and how it used to make me feel. Its hard to admit but now that I am where I am today, I can speak freely about it and rather than be ashamed, I can be proud of how far I have come. I used to eat until I was so full it hurt… for every single meal! I used to rely on food for all emotional therapy. Rather than turning to family and friends to talk to, fitness to find my release from, I turned to food. Sure a cookie or a piece of pie here and there is fine… but that wasn’t me. I would sit down for one cookie and end up consuming an entire sleeve in one sitting. I would then proceed to dream about the next time I could do that again. We all experience stress in our lives, at that point in my life I chose food as my outlet.

Aside from severe emotional eating and gorging I experienced severe guilt from my eating and I would go into situations where I would restrict myself from eating and fast for an entire day so that I could make up for what I had done to myself.

Does this sound familiar to any of you?

My next issue… not having a single idea as to where to turn when it came to getting out of the cycle I was in. I didn’t know what to do in the gym, I didn’t know how food and working out played a major role together. I thought you either starved and did tons of cardio (my old way of getting my body trim and slim) or I would just completely give up on trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I then stumbled upon P90x (5 years ago) and that is where my new relationship with eating and fitness began, but the program was so intimidating for my after having my Baby girl and during my pregnancy (200Lbs after Scarlett was born), I was afraid to do it. I thought that was the only option for at home fitness and I knew that my joints couldnt take that pressure, and I was to over weight to start something like that. I then stumbled across a program that I could manage! There were low impact modifiers, 30 minute workouts, and delicious clean eating recipes that I could look forward to enjoying.

This amazing, fun, easy to follow, yet challenging program set me up for a love with fitness and clean eating. It helped me to fall in love with this lifestyle and a new way of living. I started to drop weight fast, and not only that, I kept it off. I started to get super fit and healthy and I shared that with the world around me. My husband is eating healthier than ever, and I have a foundation for how I intend on being an example for my kiddo.

I am forever thankful to Beachbody for putting together programs that anyone can do! That can help anyone get started and help anyone turn into an athlete from the comfort of their own home. When you are lost and have no idea where to turn, the last place you want to show up to is the gym!

So the moral of the story, I am putting together a “First Date With Fitness” Support group for those who are ready to start something that doesn’t involve jumping in the air, that doesn’t involve extremely restrictive dieting, that doesn’t involve giant super heavy weights. This is for someone who just wants a a starting line and wants someone to help them change their life.

You will be given a meal plan to follow that is easy. You will be given a program that will meet you right where you are in your fitness, and you will be given a coach who CARES.

COMMENT BELOW “I AM INTERESTED”. SPACE IS LIMITED. TIME IS LIMITED.10410839_10204788966065453_1698000379367240423_n