Eric and I start the 21 Day Fix…

11146566_10206555663511785_727098892379206999_nEric and I have never followed a diet plan together… EVER!! After 3 years of being a Beachbody Coach, we have both sort of followed our own thing on our own. Eric has always been the type of guys who can just eat whatever his little heart desires and he has no issue!! Lately however he has complained about feeling lethargic and struggling with falling asleep at night. Sorry Mr. Miron it sounds like your naughty habits might be catching up with you 😉 Being 28 and having an insanely awesome metabolism has its benefits, until you start to notice your over all well being feel off balance!! So I challenged Mr. Miron to 1 solid week of following the 21 Day Fix meal plan, and if he feels great after the first week, we will continue on to the second week and play it by ear from there!! I personally do not have a desire to lose weight at this point in time as that is not my current goal, so I will be throwing some extra fruit and complex carbs in the mix to keep my energy levels up, feel good and maintain my weight!


Here is a rough over view of the plan we are following!!




In that fourth meal we will be adding a fruit and a yellow container (complex carbs) if we feel our energy levels decrease. Eric will be following the 1800 – 2000 calorie plan and adding 2 extra fruits and 2 extra carbs to the mix! We are currently rocking day 2 and let me tell you what… the Man is Hangry, cranky, and an interesting version of Eric. Eric looooooves food!! It is one of his major passions, so to see him drive by his favorite lunch joints and not stop in is pretty entertaining!! Eric explained to me that this is a great test of dicipline and he is excited to see how far he can make it. I know that he will at least rock week 1 and maybe week 2 🙂 We will see!!


13926_10206543529088432_1954266555979984011_nPersonally I am excited to go through a challenge with an accountability buddy and have a partner in crime!! This is a nice treat for me!! I usually do these things all by myself!!




In case you are struggling with portions and want to know what those portions should look like in the plan we listed above, check out these portions!! Okay farewell for now!!! if you are interested in joining my upcoming 30 Day trim down challenge!!