Excuses and Priorities

I ask my future challengers “why not get started now? Why not just start working out and eating clean now? And the answer is usually “I am to busy, and this is not the right time.” I challenge you to really ask yourself, are your priorities and excuses legit? Are your priorities really priorities and are your excuses truly valid? Granted, many people have legitimate excuses, but many times, it is just a matter of picking what is truly a priority and what isn’t. Sometimes its a matter of managing your time properly. Sometimes its a matter of facing the hard truth that you are not prioritizing your time properly and there are things in your life that can be moved around or eliminated.

unnamed (4)Why am I asking you to do this? Because your health is the most important thing in your life! Whether you are healthy or not, you have to live with your body for the remainder of your time on earth. Are you going to live a life in which you are happy, energized, and healthy, or are you going to move your life towards sickness and low energy. Leading a life in which you are not moving, and over eating will lead to muscle loss, low energy, organ disfuntion. All of these things leave you looking older and experiencing less and less energy. So what happens when you have less energy, you are less effective in your day. You are less sharp, less aware, and as time progresses you will start to realize your days are seeming shorter and shorter, you are running out of time, you are sleeping a lot more (or less), and you are spending more and more time seeing a Doctor or taking time off of work. Not to mention the stress and anxiety our bodies feel when we do not use our bodies for what they were mean to do! We were built to move, and to travel, not to sit still all day. Our bodies do weird stuff when we just sit there. It starts to die, not grow and thrive.

1.Can you shift things around in your life to make time for fitness? Can you eliminate some not so important priorities in your life? Can someone in your life pick up some of the activities that you feel the need to prioritize in your life? Can you spouse do more around the house? Can your older kids pick up more responsibilities around the house. If you are a woman reading this, chances are you are a perfectionist about the functioning of your home, chances are something on your priority list is not so much a priority but an effort for you to keep control. Can someone else take over something?

2. I am to busy and there are not enough hours in the day.

Ask yourself: Can I wake up 30 minutes earlier, or go to bed 30 minutes later?

Can you sacrifice 2% of your day for YOU TIME!?

3. ‘”I don’t have the energy.” Did you know that working out will give you more energy than you could ever imagine? Watch how much less stressed you feel and how much time you have all of a sudden!

4. “I don’t have the energy.” Take a look at what you are eating. Can you change your eating? Can you meal prep food on Sunday evening so that you are certain that you have food ready for you?


NO matter what, life will throw you curve balls your way. There will always be something, some reason to not workout. Just start now! In 3 months it will be your non negotiable to. Just watch how addicted you get to the feeling you get when you are adding fitness to your life!