Falling ON the Bandwagon

I wish I could count how many times I have fallen off of the bandwagon in my weight loss journey. I would be a rich person. I would get about half way to my goal weight, allow myself some indulgences, and then I would just throw in the towel. My excuses were “You’re to busy to be healthy.” “You’re young, you’ll figure it out later.” “Eh its not worth the trouble.” Something would eventually click and I got myself back on that wagon and I pressed forward and made progress. My point is we all fall off of the bandwagon, the magic is when you don’t let it get to you and you fall back on it. If you get back on it, you cannot fail.

Here are some things that people say when they make the mistake of giving up completely “I already had 4 slices of pizza for dinner, I guess I already screwed myself for the day.” “I will start again when I have more time.” “I was not meant to be in shape or healthy.” Those things are not true. Yes you have 4 slices of pizza… make up for it. You are not to far behind, just get your work out in and keep the rest of your meals for the week clean. You deserve to be healthy and fit. You deserve to take care of yourself, and no matter what you think you have time! Your health is more important so crucial to the lively hood of your family and your career!