Fat Melting Meal Plan!

This is how you shed some un wanted crap pretty fast! I only suggest eating like this after a holiday and for a 1 month max! I usually do this for 21 days as a reset to my body! So here you have it! Here are the instructions:

This is geared towards an individual not a family. So you need to figure out how you are going to make this work with your family. I eat separate from Eric and Scarlett as they do not enjoy eating this way lol! So when I am prepping my grocery list I buy according to how much meat and such that I will be eating. So for example: For the maple Salmon, you may need 3 filets! If you choose to involve your family, you will need to purchase accordingly.

Hard boiled eggs
Lemon Chicken
Maple Salmon
all to be prepped on Monday!



you are welcome to prep your veggies on Sunday as well.

Here is the science to this meal plan.
#1 its easy to do. You prep the main meals on Sunday so you are grabbing and going for your 4 meals!
#2. The majority of your carbohydrates are to be consumed early in the day, and two days are lower carbohydrate dates, and 3 days are moderate carbohydrate days. This is called Carb Cycling. This helps to shock your body!
#3. Please be sure to drink 72 oz to 1 gallon of water a day to keep your body hydrated, and yourself fuller longer! Lemon definitely helps, as well as green tea.
#4. This is meant for a 1200-1500 calories diet. If you are left exhausted and hungry, reach for a 2 oz piece of chicken, or a scoop of protein.
#5. You are to eat 4-5 meals a day to keep your metabolism burning, energy levels high, and to keep you from being super hungry all day!
#6. Go sparingly on the salt and the oil!