Fit Happy Mom Tip of The Day!

Fit Happy Mom Tip of The Day For you !

Lets talk flat abs and better digestion.Try to eat your last heavy meal of the day around 7 or 8 pm/ 3 hours before you hit the hay!!! Refrain from late night munching and searching through your fridge for munchies! If you must have something to snack grab a 2 oz piece of chicken or a scoop of protein (ideally naturally sweetened).

WHY?? I think it is so important to understand this! I will put this in the most simplistic way possible! Excess calories that are not used as energy will turn into body fat! Your body goes into fat burning mode while it is repairing your muscles during slumber! If you have to many calories stored in your body when you are at rest your body will reach for those calories and carbs for energy rather than body fat! Your body goes into optimal fat burning mode about 2-4 hours after you go to sleep! If you munch your way into a surplus while you’re sitting in front of the television you do not give you body the chance to really burn up some body fat while you’re asleep. Also ingesting the bulk of your calories during your more active times of the day will aid in digestion and those calories get used up while you embark on your day!

So some tips for late night snacking! Make sure you are eating enough during the day! Make sure you are eating enough protein and the right amount of carbohydrates. Sip on water, and herbal teas at night!Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 6.17.52 PM