Friday Meal Plan for Week of June 22nd-27th

meal plan friday


Alright ladies it is that time of the week! Time to prepare for our plan of attack at the grocery store and prepare for success next week!! Fail to plan, plan to fail! That is the moral of the story!


So what you will want to do is meal prep your turkey meat loaf muffins, and Pumpkin protein bars on Sunday. 3 Nights a week you will prepare a dish and use it for lunch another day! As for “free meals” make sure they are well portioned and smart choices! Sure have Pizza, but just 2 slices, not 5!! Sure have a glass of wine… just 1 not 5!! Enjoy!! Here are the recipes below!!



Turkey Meat Loaf muffins

Slow Cooker Sesame chicken


Pumpkin Protein bars


Clean Spaghetti Bake


Use the below image to practice mindful portioning!

For casseroles or bakes be sure to just measure out 1 full cup.