Get Addicted

Yep that’s right… GET ADDICTED!

I will never sit here and tell you that my fitness journey has been easy, or a breeze. In fact there were some down right awful days where I cried over the scale and I nearly passed out from not eating enough. Sometimes something very un healthy happens to a person as they get invested in their body transformation. They become addicted to the scale, they become addicted to the numbers that flash on that screen. They become addicted to their measuring tape. I am here to tell you that the hardest moments in my fitness journey were the days that I was addicted to those things. I am also here to tell you that the days that I was most addicted to the those things made weight loss not worth it and the stress caused the weight loss to stop. When I hit my lowest weight at 139… The weight stopped coming off. NO matter how much I cleaned up my eating, and decreased calories. It was not coming off. No matter how hard I worked out, nothing would budge. I was tired, and starving, and this was stupid. This led me to believe that I was failing in some way and letting myself down. I drove myself crazy trying to get to 120 lbs. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall and I have a pear shaped, muscular body. 120 on one woman might look alright, but I don’t think that numebr is possible for my build. I had un healthy goals and expectations. The result … stress and anguish. I grew unhappy and just hated fitness. I was about to throw in the towel and quit… but that was not possible. I had to many challengers and people looking to me for guidance. I had to turn to God and meditate.

Here  is what I learned: I had to find ways to stick to my fitness and clean eating journey, while living a life and having fun. I intend on making this a forever thing, and I most certainly could not live like that forever. I shifted my focus and got addicted to something else. I got addicted to the way my workouts made me feel. I got addicted to the way eating like an athlete made me feel. I increased my calories to a maintenance plan, and just got down and dirty in the gym, and made sure to eat back all of those calories. I fell in love with being an athlete. I trained for a half marathon, and started to find new ways to train my body so that I could learn new fun ways to be fit. I taught myself how to swim, I taught myself how to bulk muscle build, I taught myself new yoga poses, and stretches. I made it a fitness adventure, and low and behold, I did not gain a single lb of fat. I gained muscle, and lost some body fat. Will more body fat start to come off over a long period of time? Absolutely!! Will it be my focus ? NOPE. I intend on being happy and enjoying the high I get from working out, but I will never again get addicted to the high of a scale number. This is for life. So if I only loose .5-1 lb a week. Im not going anywhere, and don’t plan to stop. So it will take me 10 week to loose 10 lbs? So what!! I’m having way more fun this way, and its going to last!

So for those of you who have more weight to loose and letting the numbers lead your life, and letting the scale make you quit… SHIFT YOUR FOCUS. Find your soul mate workout, and have fun. Make fitness your hobby and your new addiction. Make clean eating fun, and something you do with your spouse in the kitchen. Get excited about trips to the farmers market. Get addicted to this lifestyle, and I assure you, the weight will come off the healthy way, and you will have a new lifestyle to show for it. It may take you longer to get to where you want to be, but you will get there, and you have enjoyed the experience! Remember to eat enough calories to have energy and to enjoy life and kick ass in the gym, but also remember to eat for fuel not just for pleasure.

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