Guest Blogger Brynn!!



While sitting down to write an entry for Anita’s blog, I was trying to think of something profound or

super inspiring to say, to motivate you. The longer I started thinking about “what” to say, the further I

was getting from my heart. So, I decided to scale it back to basics and share with you MY story, which

just like yours, IS profound and important all on its own.

My name is Brynn Beukema. I am 29 years old and a wife to a great husband, and momma to four dogs

(yes…slightly over committed on that one). 😉 I grew up happy and healthy and just kind of an old soul.

I have always been confident, happy and at peace with myself, aside from the off day I think we all have

as human beings. In my late teens and early twenties, I gained a significant amount of weight, and by

significant I mean 100+ pounds in 2 years. Between birth control, getting my driver’s license and not

walking everywhere, and a pretty intense break up, the weight packed on. I used food as my emotional

release; it filled me up and made me feel happy! Fast Forward several years: I was 23, madly in love

with my fiancé, still feeling pretty darn confident, even though I was tipping the scales at 225lbs! I was

fortunate to not have any major health issues due to my obesity (at least no health issues that I knew

of). However, a few months prior to our wedding, I experienced a miscarriage- I didn’t even know I was

pregnant UNTIL I was having a miscarriage. It was devastating to me. It tore my heart apart and flipped

my world on its head! I didn’t know it then, but now realize that my weight has had a much bigger

impact on my life than I wanted to admit. After the loss, I got depressed and again turned to food for

comfort. I packed on more weight and ended up at 255lbs…I was no longer “happy” with myself and it

had nothing to do with how I looked, but everything to do with how I felt. Over the course of 5 years,

we endured multiple rounds of fertility treatments, thousands of dollars spent, many uncomfortable

and/or painful tests, blood draws, ultrasounds, injections, pills etc…with no success…None. Zero. Say

what?? How can this be? My body refused to get pregnant-according to the doctor, the only issue they

could find *might* be my weight. After years of failed fertility treatments, and being diagnoses with

“unexplained infertility” aka: we have NO CLUE why you aren’t getting pregnant…but…Good luck! I

knew something needed to change, and it needed to happen FAST! My biggest desire in life was to be a



In 2012 I decided I needed to get real and take charge of my health. My weight was ridiculously

unhealthy for my tiny frame. Even if I was comfortable with my body, I wasn’t OK being comfortable in

an unhealthy body. I realized that my weight was a much more serious issue than I previously

acknowledged. I had dieted and exercised before, and regularly, but never at the same time. I would

work out 6 days a week for an hour and half, and I lost weight! However, I could never keep it off. After

years of working out and dieting w/o lasting success, I opted to have a weight loss surgery (Vertical

Sleeve Gastrectomy). That surgery was one of the best decisions I made for my health, however, I

desperately wish I’d have found Beachbody first! While I wouldn’t trade out my amazing experience for

the world, I think if I had my Beachbody programs and support, I’d have seen lasting success with my

weight loss. I knew my surgery was a tool to aid me in my weight loss, and not my cure though, so I was

still so intrigued by Beachbody. Crazily, at 208 lbs and 12 weeks post op, I jumped on the Insanity

bandwagon with my little sister Aubrey (who’s now my coach!). I used my “Why” to get me through,

and let me tell you…it HAD to be a crazy big WHY to keep a body that heavy going through Insanity! My

“Why” was “I want to be a mom!” and there were days when I was literally sobbing and screaming,

alone in my living room, while doing a workout with Shaun T, shouting “I WANT TO BE A MOM! I WANT

TO BE A MOM!” and it got me through…all 63 days! I completed the program…I missed a couple of

days, but made them up doing doubles the next day…I can honestly say, I earned every pound and inch I

lost during that 9 week span! I’d say it was about half way through Insanity that I realized I had a new

found love for working out! I actually kind of liked it! My body craved it, and I liked what it was doing

for me! I had been sharing my progress on Facebook along the way, and was getting TONS of support

from everyone, and the more I shared, the more my audience cheered me on! It was amazing! The

natural next step was to become a coach! If I could inspire that many people in just 9 weeks, imagine

how many lives I could change in 6 months…a year!?!? Here I am 13 months post op and down 113

pounds! Isn’t that crazy? I lost my entire high school self! J Whoa! That’s 452 sticks of butter, to help

put that into perspective. That weight loss between Insanity and now was with the help of Turbo Fire,

Brazil Butt Lift, Round 2 of Insanity, Running/Walking and of course Shakeology. Becoming a coach has

been one of the other best decisions I’ve made for myself! Once I was a coach, I realized that I had to be

accountable for my challengers, and it has helped me stay on track. I’m super excited because I wasn’t

super interested in “working” my business before. I was more interested in helping people…and it’s

actually just been in February of 2014 that I realized…DUH! “Working” my business IS the best way to

help as many people as I can! I am currently Emerald rank (earned that in February) and fast

approaching Diamond rank! My team is building rapidly and I couldn’t be more proud of my own

transformation and the countless other ladies who I’ve been able to help start their own health/fitness




P.S. While I am still not a mommy, I have to tell you all that in December of 2013 my husband and I

found out we were expecting (sadly this ended in a miscarriage in January) BUT the fact that years of

fertility treatments couldn’t do what getting healthy with Beachbody and drinking my Shakeology daily

COULD do…Man. That is testament enough for me that I AM WORTH it to take care of myself. I’m

confident that I will be a momma in no time if I keep up this healthy lifestyle Beachbody has afforded


-Brynn Beukema