Guilt free, super healthy Chocolate Shakeology Ice Cream


Its the middle of summer and boy is it ever hot. Does it seem hotter this year than it was last year? One of my favorite things to eat when I am super hot is ice cream. I think I ate a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream every week during my third trimester of my pregnancy. After having my baby, there was no way I as going to allow myself to indulge like that on a regular basis. So I searched high and low for a healthy alternative. I really could not find anything in the

store that did not contain high fructose corn syrup, a ton of sugar, or a ton of chemicals. I recently saw a machine that makes ice cream out of banana’s. Now I know there is not magic trick to making ice cream out of banana’s. So I figured out how it was done. You just process frozen banana’s and voila you have soft serve ice cream… NO SERIOUSLY IT IS SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM AND IT IS DELICIOUS. It has a very very light banana flavor, and a slight tang to it, but if you let you bananas get ripe enough, you start to loose that banana flavor. Now I looove bananas so it does not bother me if it tastes like bananas.

So to add more flavor to the ice cream I decided to add chocolate shakeology to the mix. This makes the ice cream super healthy, adds protein, prebiotics, and fiber to the mix! I also added some fresh all natural peanut butter to the mix. My husband loved it a lot, and he is a bit of an ice cream snob (he loves his moose tracks and Ben and Jerry’s). This is such a great alternative to give to your children. They would never know the difference and you are fueling their bodies with the most healthy foods out there! Lets end the trend in obesity. Lets enjoy life, lets enjoy eating, and lets me healthy!

The video below is of me making my yummy concoction.



4 – 5 ripe bananas

All natural peanut butter or try PB2 from the health foods store.

1 scoop of chocolate shakeology (if you do not have shakeology, opt for cocoa powder)

You will want to first chop your bananas and then freeze them. After about two hours you will want to blend them up in a food processor. It will look like pebbles at first and then it will form into a creamy ice cream texture. Then you will want to add your shakeology and peanut butter to taste. Try and opt for the most natural peanut butter out there. This will make about 3 servings.