Homeward Bound!



Our things are packed and we are moving back to Grand Rapids Michigan. I actually cannot believe I am typing this as it seems so very sudden and abrupt…
You are reading correct, we are homeward bound. I say homeward because 1 month ago we made the decision to move back to Grand Rapids Michigan. It was a very very difficult decision. I was not sure how to word it for my social media so I decided not to say anything about the matter. I wasn’t sure how to share that we were heading back when it seemed like yesterday that we moved to Austin Texas. We were so excited, and it was absolutely an adventure, but an adventure that opened our eyes to manny things!

When we decided to move to Austin Texas we made the decision on a whim. It was the dead of Winter, we were working from home and we were quick to decide to give living south a try! We had ambitions of buying a home in Grand Rapids previously but we figured we would give another City a shot just to be 100% sure where we belonged! We looked into various cities and Austin seemed to be just like Grand Rapids sans Winter! Because we work for ourselves we had the luxury of making the abrupt and quick decision to just pick up and go.

When we made it to Austin it was so exciting and new! We had a blast! We made an effort to explore the city and just get out and about. After just a couple of weeks of being in town we had to jet for a a business trip. 4 more lengthy trips followed that trip and I never seemed to be able to really plug into Austin. My Beachbody business is a major passion of mine and I was not willing to for go the trips because I wanted to get plugged into a new city. I completely forgot how difficult it actually is to plug into a new city and make new friends and support. Especially if you work from home! As we started to realize that this plugging into a new city thing was getting to be a challenge. We began to realize that Austin was truly Grand Rapids sans the winter and … sans Family. We began to really miss our Family, and support. We started to think to ourselves “this is silly, we are in the same type of city, just more traffic, more options for the same stuff, and none of our friends or Family. The simple luxury of stopping over on the weekends for dinner and bonding time with your family was not available to us anymore and we did not realize how much we valued that.

We decided to stick it out though! We decided that we would give Austin a full year! So we kept trying to get plugged in, but after each of my trips I was simply to worn out to get out there and get to know new people. I would go on these Beachbody trips and my introverted self would come home totally wiped out socially! Between Beachbody trips we were planning trips back to Grand Rapids to visit friends and Family because we missed them so much. And the trips were not stopping there. We have 4 more trips planned for this Fall and we would have been going back to Michigan for Thanksgiving, and Christmas!!! So between September – January we would have been gone for the majority of the time anyway!  I just felt as if I had no home base, and that I was floating in outter space somewhere. I felt very little grounding. I would travel for 1 week out of each month and then come home to a completely un familiar town and not really know anyone, I would try to get acclimated and then we would have to leave again! It seemed silly and not practical.

Finally the two straws that broke the camels back: My Mom decided it was time for her to move on and she decided to move in with a friend in Connecticut. Please know that I fully support my Mother’s decision. She really just wanted to start a new life, and be independent. I totally understand her reasons. My Mom was really our main support here in Austin. We did make a couple of aaaamazing friends here, but my Mom was our only Family here and she was going. We soon realized that this is not the environment that we want to raise our daughter in. We valued raising our daughter around her family way more than we thought. Being that I am an only child I knew how important that was and how much I valued a bigger family. The second straw and equally as important: someone we love very much. Someone who is very very important to us was told that she had stage 2 breast cancer. That opened our eyes and made us realize that Family is the most important part of life… not a cool city and decent (well 105 degrees really did suck! ) weather.

So why so sudden you ask? We are just so ready to get Scarlett plugged into School, we are ready to get plugged into church, and we are ready to get back life in Michigan. We wanted to get our family plugged into somewhere that was consistent and we knew that we would stick around for longer than 6 months. If I was going to start Scarlett in pre school I wanted her to stay in the same school for longer than 6 months.  Our hearts were just not in Austin anymore  and we were eager to just move on. We truly do love Michigan and for now … it is home. Who knows where life will lead us in the future but we were grateful that we were able to have this experience. We were able to pick up and just try out a different city and a change of pace for a while. This is something many people will never have the luxary of doing and because of my Beachbody business we were able to do it. Sure we hate the winters, but everything else about Grand Rapids was fantastic and most importantly it included our Family. We an always travel south for the Winters to vacation if the Winters get to be to much again! It took 6 months in Austin for us to realize what we had in Grand Rapids and how special that was to us.


So the bags are packed and we are en-route as I type this. It is bitter sweet driving away from this incredibly cool town, but we have an incredibly cool town we are headed back to with some incredibly cool people that cannot be replaced…