How Beachbody Has Changed My Life


Eric caught this moment this morning when we were all waking up. This photo captures every reason I do what I do as a Beachbody Coach. 2 plus years ago when I went back to work my heart broke every single time I had to rush this girl out the door, get short tempered with my spouse, or get short tempered with her crying because Mommy looked stressed out. I never wanted that to be what my life looked like every single day for the rest of my life. There was a seed of hope in my heart that I knew that God had placed there for us. I knew that there was a different life out there waiting for us.

I knew that there was a life in which I could just BE, EXIST, AND NOT RUSH. I knew there was a life that I could live on my terms. I knew that I was meant to be an incredible, present Mother, and at the rate I was going in my full time job… that dream was not going to be a reality. Finally after 7 months of giving all of my free time (not Scarlett’s, but my own) to Beachbody, I matched my income and I was out of there! I was terrified. That leap of faith was absolutely scary. Did we suffer initially from that decision? YEP! We were broker than before, and lost our health insurance. But I stayed in faith. I stayed the course and within12 months of leaving I was able to match Eric’s income.

From $32,000 annual Salary (as a Sales Rep for a home builder) to $28,000 monthly income (not including my quarterly bonuses) and a life in which I get to wake up on my terms, laugh and snuggle in bed as long as I want to.

Sure now I make a killer income, but my true pay is this moment right here. Followed by the inbox full of messages from my coaches telling me that they earned more $$$ with Beachbody than their full time jobs.IMG_4132